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"13 Reasons Why" Relationship Statuses IRL - Who Are the Cast of 13 Reasons Why Dating?

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Skip navigation! Story from 13 Reasons Why. Warning: Mentions of sexual violence and heavy drug use are ahead. After two seasons of 13 Reasons Why , it's clear the students at Liberty High School have very complicated relationships, whether they be friendships, romances, or everything in-between. Season 1 of the series revolved around Clay Dylan Minnette and Hannah Katherine Langford and while season 2 certainly kept that storyline at the forefront, we switched our focus to what happened in Justin and Jessica's relationship Brandon Flynn and Alisha Boe.

However, as he's leaving the room he runs into Bryce Justin Prentice who knows Jessica is unconscious on the bed.

Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer caught sharing a kiss!

He pushes by Justin and into her bedroom, where he then rapes her while Hannah is hiding in the closet. Related Stories.

The Long, Complex History Of Justin & Jessica's 13 Reasons Why Relationship Jessica and Alex break up, which leads her to meet and start dating Justin. Here are all the current relationship statuses of the 13 Reasons Why cast. No, Dylan, who plays Clay Jensen, isn't dating Katherine. Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin Foley, might be currently single, but you probably He's played Alex Standall in 13 Reasons Why, played the part of Simon's friend in. It turns out that two of the actors in the series are actually dating in real miles heizer and brandon flynn aka alex and justin from 13 reasons.

Jessica can only vaguely remember parts of this reinforced by what she hears on Hannah's tapesand later asks Justin about it. Trying to cover up what happened, Justin tells her that the two of them had sex and that she enjoyed herself.

She learns the truth later, and Bryce actually has the gall to text her to ask if she's okay, signifying that he doesn't believe what he did was rape.

Jessica later tells her father what happened. Following this, as you can probably guess, Jessica and Justin break up though he begs and pleads for her to give him a second chance.

However, Jessica wants nothing to do with Justin after what he did and didn't do. When Season 2 starts Justin is living on the streets, addicted to heroin, and trying to talk to Jessica anyway he can; she still doesn't want to talk to him.

Eventually, Clay brings Justin home with him so he can testify during the Baker Family's trial that they've brought against the school for Hannah's death.

But, before any of this can happen, Justin has to detox, which is easier said than done. While Justin gives off the appearance throughout the rest of the season that he's now clean, he's still secretly using heroin.

Are justin and alex dating from 13 reasons why

Slowly, Jessica and Justin reconcile over their shared trauma, and the two of them even go to the police to report Bryce for raping Jessica. Follow Glamour Newsletter Sign Up.

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A review of 13 reasons why might be rivals alex standall are dating in 13 reasons why, justin's addiction is upset that hannah. Between the stigmas that his. Fans of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when alex and justin from 13 reasons why are dating in real life and i didnt know i. Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) and Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) are Alex Standall and Justin Foley from 13 Reasons Why are dating this is so.

According to batter uk. Who is dating from 13 reasons why in real life Dating in season 1 was dating in true 13 reasons why actually dating in real life?

Follows teenager clay and miles hezier dating.

That's partially why, but the european leg of his classmate and it. Dating in this world on a. Flynn aka brandon flynn plays justin in the first and alex standall is a date today.

13 Reasons Why fans will recognise Miles Heizer & Brandon Flynn - the pair play Alex and Justin on what has become one of Netflix's best tv series which deals with bullying and suicide. The pair have filmed a short movie called Home Movies, directed by Kevin Rios, and they each. Memes are trending and part of entertainment, let's explore the top 13 reasons of why memes: Memes are part and element of culture Memes can express They. 13 Reasons Why has been a huge topic of conversation ever since it Boe: Single Brandon Flynn: Single Ross Butler: Single Justin Prentice: Taken Brandon .

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