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Don't Tell Mira!, a fairy tail fanfic . FanFiction

Natsu x Lucy "Bored"

Lucy's eyes snapped to those of one of her closest friends, Levy McGarden. Levy's brown eyes glinted knowingly at Lucy's startled expression, Lucy's subtle jump earning her a "Tsk! She would have dropped her head had the crab not been busy styling her blonde locks. To answer Levy's pointed question, she finally muttered, "What's the point? It wouldn't make any difference if I did.

A grin that always managed to make her heart stop. They strolled the garden, hand-in-hand. Lucy couldn't help but notice how close they were walking. People would definitely think they were dating. For some unknown reason, this made Lucy's heart sore. Natsu kept sneaking glances over at Lucy. She looked beautiful. The way the setting sun shined on her golden hair, it created a halo. His face began to flush.

He also couldn't help but notice how cute she looked with her awed expressions at the amazing flower displays and hedge arts. It made him chuckle. They left the park and continued to explore the town, putting on flower crowns and necklaces. Laughing and goofing off. They were having a blast. People would exclaim, "What a cute couple!

After their walk, Lucy mentioned that she wanted to check out the book store. Supposedly, it was the biggest one in all of Fiore. It was like a sea of shelves with probably hundreds of books on each one. They quickly began to browse. Natsu would pull out books with funny titles and Lucy would playfully smack him for his immaturity.

Natsu couldn't remember when he last felt this happy. There was something amazing watching Lucy browse. Her delicate hands would pull a book off the shelf and she would carefully turn each page, scanning quickly.

Lucy was holding one particular book.

She stared at it for a few minutes before saying, "We can go now. Her pulse jumped. You clearly want it. The sun had settled down and the moon shone brightly as the duo headed back to the train station.

It was starting to get chilly. Lucy shivered. Suddenly, a cloth wrapped around her neck. He didn't respond. He was staring off to his side. Lucy took this time to observe him. It was rare to see him without his scarf.

"You realize Lucy has blonde hair, right?" Where Gray and Cana tell Natsu about Lucy's 'date'. WARNING! MAY CONTAIN A JEALOUS NATSU.

She could make out the silvery scar on his neck. She giggled as she remembered the truth behind the scar. Her gaze traveled upwards. She liked his facial features, she marveled at his bone structure, she loved that his eyes were slanted. His hair had a silver tint to it in the moonlight.

He was gorgeous and Lucy blushed furiously at this realization. Their hands were once again interlocked. She never realized how soft his hands were. She figured they would be rough and callously, but they weren't. Must be because he's a fast healer … Suddenly she found Natsu's eyes on hers.

Natsu gazed deeply into her warm brown eyes. She looked good in his scarf, so good, in fact, Natsu had to look away before he did something stupid. They quickly boarded the train. Natsu, once again, was keeling over and Lucy began to read her new book.

It made her feel all warm and tingly that Natsu bought it for her. Her eyes grew sleepy, unable to focus on the words of the book.

She rested her head against the window and closed her eyes. She realized she was still wearing Natsu's scarf. She took a big sniff and reveled in its scent of fire as she drifted off to sleep.

Lucy awoke bright and early in her bed the following morning. Natsu's scarf. She gasped in surprise. She quickly got ready and dashed off to the guild with Natsu's scarf neatly folded. As badly as she wanted to keep wearing it, she knew the guild would tease her endlessly over it. Gray suddenly appeared next to Erza. Lucy was nervously sweating, "Look I don't know what you guys are going on about…and I don't feel like going into exact details about yesterday, but all you guys need to know is that Natsu and I had a really fun day.

Natsu was outside the guild doors, listening to what was going on. He heard them bugging Lucy and knew it was best to wait outside.

Happy was floating next to him. Thankfully, his blue friend had stopped teasing him. Happy understood Natsu's feelings for Lucy ran deep.

The doors to the guild pushed open and somebody walked right into the fire mage. He steadied his blonde friend, keeping his hands on her shoulders. He had happened to overhear them the day Mira freaked out, though of course he knew Lucy meant it as an expression, but he just wanted to join in on the teasing that day… But now Happy needed to help Natsu.

No more messing around, "And Natsu told me he paid for dinner and bought you a book and that you guys were holding hands…Sounds like a date to me.

His onyx eyes burning into hers. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't.

Fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy dating

And suddenly a pair of warm lips enveloped her own. Her eyes opened as she gasped. Natsu's eyes were shut. He quickly deepened the kiss. Lucy melted right into it. She moved closer. Her hands somehow ended up tangled in his soft, pink hair.

Natsu's hands traveled down to the small of her back. Lucy blushed and buried her face into Natsu's chest. Natsu chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Happy flew straight into the guild to tell everyone one what had just happened. Lucy pulled away from Natsu and picked up his scarf she had dropped. Ahh did you all like it?! Please let me know what you thought of it! Thanks for reading :. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Through a misunderstanding, Natsu might have accidentally asked Lucy out on a date.

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima Lucy flashed a dazzling smile at the pink-haired dragon slayer who was sitting at the counter of the bar, "It's a date! Lisanna joined in her with her sister's squealing, "Oh my god!

Natsu got up from the bar stool, trying to get away from everyone, but the crowd followed. Is that why Lucy looked so happy when we walked past her? When's the big date" "Tomorrow," Mira answered proudly.

Little Natsu is growing up! How cute! All he did was ask Lucy to go on a job with him… What am I supposed to do? He inwardly groaned. What's with everyone? Lucy opened the door, her mouth formed an O-shape, "Natsu! You actually knocked? Natsu was staring so intensely at Lucy, she began to feel warm and flustered. He shook off his daze, "Yeah! Lucy didn't seem to notice Natsu's strange behavior and read the flyer aloud.

Natsu didn't reply. I can't let you do that. Gray "Tsk'd" and raised his eyebrow. She's out.

Jealousy flooded through his veins like fire although he didn't understand that that's what he was feeling. The air around him rippled from the growing heat. Levy cried inwardly and tried not to smile as Natsu's eyes quickly scanned the guild for any missing members. She was still sitting on the barstool, her elbows braced on the bar behind her, one leg crossed over the other. She looked incredibly relaxed given the volatile wizard she was addressing. Levy felt ready to spring away at a moment's notice.

Gray, who also appeared completely calm, leaning back on one elbow with his legs spread, still looked more prepared for a physical altercation than Erza did, but Levy knew appearances could be deceiving. Levy suddenly found herself dragged into the conversation when Natsu's fierce green eyes suddenly bore into hers. It was as though his physical heat came through in that gaze and she found herself blushing.

We want her to be happy, Moron! Gray's words struck Natsu like a physical blow and he actually took a step back, one arm coming up as though to ward off an attack as he looked at the Ice Make Mage in surprise. Gray looked up at him with narrowed eyes — eyes that spoke of some hidden challenge Natsu was unaware of. What the hell is going on?! His shock short-lived, Natsu quickly channeled it into anger and ground his teeth together.

When the guild was stunned into silence around them, all eyes suddenly on their small ensemble near the bar, he glared at them, unable to comprehend how they could possibly be so calm. Lucy is on a date! I don't even know who she's with! She could be in trouble! Her smile and laugh flashed through his mind and he had to fight the urge to flinch from the pain that shot through his chest.

He couldn't imagine her being happy with someone other than the members of their team, or was it that he didn't want to? What's this feeling? Why does it… hurt?! Erza cleared her throat from beside him, quickly bringing his attention back to her.

The guild quickly went back to their own business out of fear of her. Natsu painfully dropped his gaze, her words more true than he was ready or willing to admit.

His fists relaxed since he had no one to focus his rage on. Happy pressed his small blue paws into his shoulder to offer encouragement but he ignored him. The pain in his chest was only growing the more he thought about Lucy on a date, smiling at some other guy.

She's on a…date?! Why the hell is she on a date?

Since when is she even interested in going on dates?! Who the hell is she with?! His stomach felt tight, and for a moment he felt like he might be physically ill.

After their last mission, Natsu & Lucy start dating. When they get home, they forget to tell their friends. Will they found out? Plus, the enemy from. He took a big gulp of his fire whiskey just as Mira unfroze and let out a loud squeal, "Natsu asked Lucy out on a date!" Natsu choked, spitting his. Lucy and Natsu go on their first date, and it all goes well, until things get a little out of hand in the car ride home. Modern AU. A smutty one shot.

Picking up on the slight change in his demeanor, Erza gripped his shoulder firmly in one hand. The darkness that replaced the fire tore at her heart, but it's what the idiot needed to hear. Lucy's been alone for a long time. A dark aura appeared around Erza. How can he not understand?! A few murmurs erupted through the crowd. She couldn't compare them to herself and Jellal — she barely understood that herself.

Comparing them to Gray and Juvia would just make Natsu angry — and Gray embarrassed, plus it wasn't the same as that. Her eyes roamed over the members of the guild until they fell upon a certain couple. Natsu's eyes turned to follow hers. Bisca and Alzack sat in one of the booths, Asuka across from them, coloring, while Bisca rested her head against Alzack's shoulder.

He remembered when they used to deny having any feelings for each other — not that he had really taken the time to notice. Then they went away to Tenrou island and came back to find them married with a child!

Gray laughed. He couldn't help himself. Maybe some day she wants that! She just wants someone to be close to right now! Look at Bisca and Alzack minus the kid. For once, Natsu did as Gray suggested without argument. He looked at the gunslingers from a distance, forcing himself to ignore the small child everyone felt like an aunt or uncle to.

It was hard to recall a time when he didn't see them together. Funny, that's kind of how Lucy and I are… They always looked happy when they were together. Happy or… what's the word? Lucy would be so proud of me for thinking of that one! The sudden turn of his thoughts put a sour taste in his mouth and his lip curled in disgust, but he thought he might understand what Erza was talking about. It was hard to see the couple when they weren't together and when they were together, they were usually touching in one way or another.

Come to think of it, Lucy and I sometimes do that too… He threw his arm around her shoulders so much it was practically a habit. They sought each other out when they needed comfort for one reason or the other and every time they faced an enemy, they ran to each other, Lucy often with tears in her eyes while he inwardly panicked at the thought that she was hurt, and would embrace. He had come to really enjoy those moments she was in his arms… "I think I see," he muttered, feeling his cheeks grow warm.

The remaining four members of Team Natsu and Mira looked at the small bluette with looks of utter shock. Erza had almost forgotten she was there, and Natsu actually had. You know why she did that?

That it made you sneeze.

Everyone is tired of Natsu and Lucy ignoring their obvious attraction towards one another. So, one late evening in the Guild, decide to devise a. Description: Natsu and Lucy had been dating for 3 months now, though the guild doesn't know about it. They maintained a low profile and hid it. Lucy goes out on a date, too afraid to tell her partner and best friend. What will he do Natsu was the reason she joined Fairy Tail. He was the.

She went so far to say she didn't know why she even still had them! Happy smiled and Natsu simply blinked at her. Wendy, who had remained quiet through the entire exchange, stepped forward then.

Many eyes immediately sparkled mischievously.

After several months of putting it off, Lucy is finally going on a date. She's been waiting for Natsu to come around for quite some time, but it. Natsu and Lucy are dating, but they're keeping it secret. Lucy wants to spare Lisanna's feelings, so she'll go to talk to her. She finds out what all. When Creativity finally strikes for a new date idea, plans don't go Not to mention it was the evening Natsu and Lucy could finally take their.

Natsu, conflicted, shuffled his feet, while Gray was the one to keep his head. Taking Natsu there might prove disastrous. Gray's assessment, while accurate, made Natsu even angrier. Rather than lash out, he folded his arms across his chest, wary of Erza's deathly stare. Surprised Erza was so willing of course she wanted to spy on Lucy's dateNatsu immediately turned and sprinted after her, Happy, Gray, Wendy, and Levy also hot on her heels. Mira quickly passed the bar off to Lisanna and chased after them.

There was no way she was going to miss this! They all belong to Hiro Mashima. I hope you enjoyed this! I look forward to writing more on this so keep an eye out!

[FAIRY TAIL COMIC DUB] (Spa Date Natsu & Lucy) Comic By Hiro Mashima

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lucy goes out on a date, too afraid to tell her partner and best friend. What will he do when he finds out? Will he let Lucy go or will he decide to fight for what he wants? Happy shrugged. Where have you been, Fire Ball? In fact, they knew exactly where she was.

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