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Who is Jung Yong Hwa's Girlfriend? Lovelife of Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE . MIJ Miner8

Park Shin Hye visits Jung Yong Hwa on "Hologram"

Although there aren't picture proofs or anything, the account was pretty interesting to read. At the Baeksang Awards ceremony, Yonghwa smiled and pointed towards Shin Hye with his finger while singing the line, "Because I love you, and because only you know". A Yoochun sasaeng also went backstage to find him and found the two holding hands the entire duration of the first half of the ceremony while in their waiting room. Other accounts say that they're always holding hands or leaning against each other's shoulders while filming their drama. They don't have any intentions of going public with their relationship, though.
I came across a post in the top 10 on the entertainment section of Pann today speculating CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye to be in a relationship. Jung Yong hwa is a member of a South Korean boy band CNBLUE formed of four members. It was said that Yong-Hwa was dating with Park Shin Hye, a young We made great efforts to make us look like a real couple in the show. married in a hurry, so he will enjoy his single life for the time being. When you're as handsome, talented and successful as Jung Yong Hwa, there is bound to be a handful of rumors surrounding you, especially.

Yonghwa continued that he and Park have a good friendly relationship but there is nothing like dating. Narrating the story, he said he met this lady who he admired very much, so he made a move towards her.

Yongshin DATING rumors ? (My Analytics)

But as time went on, he realized that the lady had a boyfriend even though she acted as if she liked him. The lady after some time broke up with her boyfriend and decided to start one with Yohghwa but then he was heartbroken to be in any relationship.

In an interview he said he prefers a girl who likes to wear cardigans and rolls her sleeves.

And just like Junghyun, he also prefers a lady who wears jeans and white t-shirt. This is just a joke because there are millions of such ladies. Yonghwa stated that he would like to go to the movies for dates.

Furthermore, he would choose a horror film. There is no girlfriend to be talked of since he is not dating now.

Every rumor which came out on his relationship was refuted so fans had little to talk about. Yonghwa has his own heartbroken story when it comes to relationships. Girlfriend Yonghwa is currently not dating.

Jung Yong Hwa Dismisses Dating Rumors With Park Shin Hye Fans of both couples keep hoping that they will date in real life, but he says. Lovelife of Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE Yonghwa has his own heartbroken story when it comes to relationships. Girlfriend. Yonghwa is currently not dating. As usual Yonghwa also had rumors of dating Park Shin Hye. The strong on-screen chemistry between Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye might lead their fans to assume that they're dating in real life.

And also the fact that they live in the same villa even strengthened that rumors. To him they just had a cordial relationship but never dated.

The minute he got in, he realized his mistake. When asked if Seohyun was the type of girl he liked, the singer-actor did admit to reacting positively to her, but said he was also just trying his best for the show.

He has no regrets for turning the role down even though "The Heirs" was a ratings hit and "Future's Choice" did not do so well. He admits that he did not even watch all of "The Heirs" because of his busy filming schedule.

However much he dismisses the idea of dating Park Shin Hye, many of his fans will still think they are a couple that is meant to be.

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