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PodcastOne: Melissa Breast Reduction Hotline and Whip Robot News 8/13/

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Elburn, Illinois, native Eric Ferguson has awakened and entertained Chicago radio listeners for over a decade after working around the country including Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania. This University of Iowa alum claims he was attracted to a career in radio mostly because of the flashy, form-fitting uniforms that he gets to wear and the early hours allow him to pursue his dream of caddying on the PGA Tour. Eric likes to spend time with the most important people in his life… his wife Jen, his four kids, David Letterman, and the guy making the burritos at Chipotle. At the age of 8, Melissa was already writing and creating radio shows on cassette tapes to play for her mom. She consistently strives to be the best Melissa she can be and truly believes there is always more to learn through new experiences in life.

Whip has worked in Chicago radio for literally half his life. Whip now lives with his wife Stacy, daughter Tori, and two sons Kyle and Alex in the Northwest suburbs, after spending the formative years of his adulthood living on the North Side. Violeta was born and raised in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Being first generation American in a super Serbian, restaurant family life has been interesting to say the least. However, it was an internship in the Newsroom for a Chicago Radio station where she found her calling….

When not making everyone aware of slowdowns and gapers delays during your morning commute, you can find her practicing hot style yoga or enjoying a good happy hour deal. This Columbia College grad is happy to be working in Chicago radio and is the creative mind behind many of those catchy musical clips you hear in the morning.

She married her husband in May of and they are busy loving life in Logan Square, enjoying all of the new restaurants coming into that area. For now, Cynthia and her husband are busy taking care of their twin daughters Alexandra Mary and Isabella Kaye. She loves live music! Her favorite bands include — TheBleachers and Imagine Dragons. She is a Fixer Upper fanatic. Personally, I dig a little more stimulating conversation on my A. Rob Hart's been doing a decent job at 'GN in lieu of Jarrett.

Maybe Tonya Harding can find her lead pipe to keep 'er going. Its like you never left Yarrington Great to have you back Mr. I have never, ever gotten the impression that Kathy is making herself out the martyr or casting herself as the quiet heroine.

I have total confidence that she is smart enough to know what she can and cannot or should or should not share with her listening audience.

The latest Tweets from Whip & Melissa's Apartment (@WhipMelissasApt). Just your average apartment. I deal with Whip and Melissa's nonsense on the daily. At the age of 8, Melissa was already writing and creating radio shows on cassette end of the phone when you're calling in to Eric in the Morning with Melissa & Whip. She married her husband in May of and they are busy loving life in . 4 days ago Welcome back Melissa! MIXperience Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko . Grandpa Whip! July 17, #FaceAppChallenge with Whip.

I'm sure there is WAY MORE to the story than we will ever know, but she has chosen to share what she is comfortable with sharing with her listeners. The people on this show are the most down to earth, least snobby people on the radio, including Mark Suppelsa, who was a hoot and I will miss him.

I've listened to Chicago radio in various formats for a few decades now and the Eric and Kathy show for me is the least offensive, least opinionated and most pleasantly consistent morning show without being redundant.

They make me laugh, think, and inform and entertain me while I'm getting ready for work. That's all I can ask for. It's not rocket science. As for how much money either one of the DJs makes, how is that anybody's business but theirs? I don't get it. Why the negativity? Why judge them? Why judge anybody but yourself? Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one including me. What made Steve Dahl so cool was that he shared everything, the good and the bad. Kathy Hart might have done less crying if she were honest much earlier with her listeners, might have received more sympathy or little pity, as the comments demonstrate.

The reaction to the news is somewhat caused by the fact that Kathy wasn't honest with her listeners for months. If you are going to talk about your life, hiding this makes you seem not so authentic.

You're world renowned for your use of light in places where there is not much, as evidenced in Carnton, which was splendid by the way. How do u ditch your family including a newly adopted kid and still try to pull off the all American girl next door schtick.

She cost angelina and brad a new orphan. Don't piss down our legs and tell us it's raining outside Kathy hart less.

And for the person that defined "celebrity". You are right but it does not apply, I could ask people who Kathy Hart is maybe one person would have heard of her. If you couple the name Eric with Kathy maybe 2 out of would know her but I am betting know would know her last name is Hart. Keep in mind that even a 2. To: Karen, well said. To: Chad, Perhaps she didn't announce to her listeners for months before was that she and her husband had to announce it to their children before her listeners.

Could this be yet another reason you've been in "the game" so long. No, I wish you the same happiness that we all hope for and want.

Second date = Done. Eric In The Morning with Melissa & Whip shared a post. Melissa McGurren is attending Fall Out Boy: The M A N I A Tour with Machine. Eric In The Morning with Melissa & Whip. likes · talking about this. Listen Live: Our Podcast: The new title reflects Ferguson's status as solo host while recognizing the roles of longtime contributors Melissa McGurren and Brian “Whip”.

Peace, Kimberly How about giving her a little benefit of the doubt? Or does fame and a high salary automatically make you open to potshots?

If any part of her story didn't pass the smell test or scored high on the lack of humility meter, I'm sure we would have gotten some hint of it through Rob's reporting - but I don't see any of that, do you? Of course there are men who may have an anger problem with women who make more "coin".

But, believe me it wouldn't be a problem for the majority of men! The dominant point being made is that she wasn't completely honest with her fans. In the incidental personal comments that were made there was never any talk or inkling of unhappiness with marriage and a need to "step out" and wonder what the other side of the fence looked like.

Peace and enjoy your partying Kimberly. I do not like to lump a majority together based on one persons comments. As far as her not being completely honest with her fans, isn't her first loyalty to her family and full disclosure to them first? If you were her husband or far worse, her children, would you want to hear it on the radio on your way to work or school?

As far as peace to me, thank you, but, as far as partying have you ever heard of being disabled and can't "party"? Andy, I was allowed to live after my accident. That is why I always sign peace, not only for me but for all of us. Sure, she's got great chemistry with Eric - but I feel if they ever split up the duo, Eric would be more adaptable to change and success than Kathy.

You belong at TimeOut. Michelle I missed this Kathy is an old, egotistical, annoying soccer mom who puts her "job" above her kids and family. Quit looking for ways to play the victim by immediately playing the cliched gender card. Take the heat or get out of the kitchen.

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Sorry, my personal life just isn't as interesting as that of a radio personality who makes over a million dollars a year and admits that her career was more important than her husband and children, and is "seeing" an "old friend" just three months after the "agonizing" decision to leave her husband. Some of us unwashed rubes out here actually believe that marriage is sacred and important.

Even those of us who don't work for a corporation whose parent company funnelled millions of dollars to deny gay Americans the basic human right of marriage. Vince C. We've had our share of VERY difficult times. However, in the end we knew that when we shared our vows before the eyes of our families, friends and God that til death do us part actually meant something. Whoever's hooked up with KH had better not expect too much.

Any other prospects should steer clear away and run!!!

I think her track record speaks for itself. It seems that this woman actually got tired of being a real mom and was more interested in her career and her boyfriend. So she ditched her husband and kids for the fun single life!

between the people on the show; Eric, Kathy, Melissa, and now Whip works. From Melissa's out of wedlock baby to Kathy is a radio .. have dated Melissa or Cynthia and opened themselves up to the abuse). Eric in the Morning with Melissa & Whip - WTMX-FM Chicago. Biggest Dating Turn Offs and Nude Pictures on Your Phone 9/4/ Eric in. The Eric in the Morning podcast with Melissa & Whip features daily highlights from the Biggest Dating Turn Offs and Nude Pictures on Your Phone 9/4/

Kathy you never should have brought kids and gotten married. You have no clue what it takes to make both work! Don't get married again because when you get bored with the "old friend" you can dump him without messy divorce paperwork. I wonder if they'll exploit the new boyfriend that KH's been seeing for ratings or if they'll kinda keep mum about that.

Seriously, this is brilliant on their part to keep their listeners on the edge of their seats, waiting for something to be said.

After all, to E and K, it's all about the show, right? Eric almost dies and we get all the sordid details for a couple of weeks on the show. A ratings bonanza!!! The Feder interview seemed to be a pre-emptive attempt to soften any negative press that would eventually leak out but unfortunately for her, she certainly comes across as being very selfish here.

Melissa and whip dating

I think we've heard enough of what Kathy has to say. I'd love to hear Bert's side of things.

And what about her kids? I wonder how her two oldest ones are taking this? Just a 'what if' here, I'm not suggesting I know anymore than anyone else, which is my point And its really none of our business. They are human beings, husband and wife, mother and father first, which far outranks any job titles.

Their obligation is to their family and themselves, not us. Lets please allow them to decide what is best for them and how much and when to disclose details to us, if any at all.

Wouldn't any of us want the same courtesy? Any one who is unhappy or feels slighted in anyway by being 'left out of the loop' or not completey informed, to me, you are the ones being selfish. And as far as all the allegations, negativity, hurtfullness and even hate contained in some of the comments Do we really need to include a couples marital issues into that mix too? I listen to their show as a source of mindless morning "entertainment" but I don't have to know, or even care to know, every personal detail in their lives.

Its just a radio show, not the cure for cancer!!

If Kathy needed to keep it from the public to spare her children and ex, then so be it and good for her. I hope she continues to keep the parts that are none of our business off the air. I also hope that she is allowing Bert to be involved in what is and isn't shared Anyway, I find it a little too revealing already I don't know how anyone could have dated Melissa or Cynthia and opened themselves up to the abuse. So let's take the show for what it is However, I take issue simply with the portrayal of her as the true performer who claims the "show must go on" and what a struggle it was to get thru and peoples defense of her tough routine with 4am wakeups, etc.

She is the most overrated, overpaid media figure in Chicago history next to Mike North now unemployed yet again. Listen to the show and try to find a time when she offers an original thought or idea. Her "career" should have nothing but positive effects on her personal life when your're living a dream and working half days.

Kathy Hart has lost my respect!!!!!! She brings nothing useful to the show. Eric and Melissa have much better chemistry when Hart is not around. For as much as Eric makes fun of Melissa, they play off each other much better.

The show is actually great when Hart is not on air. As a fellow full-time working mother of three, I can only call her claim that she "worked more at her job than her marriage" to be a poor excuse for her behavior. I work hard at both, and would never think of leaving my children in favor of my career.

Either Hart is that shallow as a person, or there is a lot more to this story. When what should be considered private affairs, become public, it is the children who are hurt the most. Adults may have tough skin, but children are fragile, and innocent spectators in the end of a marriage. Follow us. Kathy Hart. You might also like.

Melissa Breast Reduction Hotline and Whip Robot News 8/13/2019

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