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Online dating sites provide a new way to meet but also a new arena for online criminals. They convince their victims they've fallen in love with them, and then move in to take their money. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant," Satterfield read from an email from a man who said his name was Sam. Sam wrote long letters professing his love, emailing photos showing a strapping young man. We blurred the faces in the profile photos because there's no way of knowing who they really depict. Sam said funds had been frozen so he needed her help.

There is this guy named Russell Nickles last name May be spelled wrong has been trying to get me to buy ITunes cards in the chance to get a large sum of money from the United Nations and the Bill and Melinda gates foundation.

Says they are for activation to get this money. He told me not to tell anyone. I think he even cloned one of my friends so he could talk me into buying these cards. I haven't given him anything. I am reporting him to messenger. I thought maybe it was my kids but they never had my debit card connected to their accounts. So what do I do? Like I've done many times before I Google the phone number for iTunes customer service to call them and straighten out the situation.

Long story short, I called the number and was told that my bank account was used to make fraudulent purchases with Apple. They said they had to transfer me to a specialist in their fraud department to start the reimbursement process.

SCAMMER WANTS ITUNES GIFT CARDS? [fake cmd] (Tech Support Scams - EP. 11)

Since I made the call to them I wasn't skeptical at all. I mean, why would anyone feel like their being scammed when you've actually initiate the contact?

They literally had me go to the store to purchase cards so they could "safely" credit my account without any additional compromises to my bank card. They said this was the only way to give me the cash back.

Well, the joke was on me! To this day I have no idea how those scumbags accessed my debit card to make two purchases and somehow knew that I would Google a fraudulent iTunes customer service number and fall into their trap. Anyway, two pieces of advice I just read your story and my jaw hit the floor. This just happened to me today. I'm so pissed that I could be so dumb falling for that.

If this posts I want people to see the number that appeared on google when I searched for iTunes cusyomer service. Mary, you have my sympathy. It happened to me, too, and I am still kicking myself for falling for it. It's kind of like we were hypnotized, isn't it? What happened to me was that I got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Apple saying that I had a virus on my computer.

Because the phone number on my phone was the same as Apple's help phone, I thought it was real. But like the IRS, Apple never calls you if there is a problem. They'll send you a letter, I believe. The scammers were "ghosting" the phone number. They even ghosted the URL of Apple's website. I stupidly let them have access to my computer to "check for viruses". They claimed I had a serious virus and wanted me to buy iTunes cards to download software to fix it.

They then talked me into buying a couple of those damn cards. Fortunately, the hypnosis wore off. I changed my user names and passwords for my online accounts and had my computer virus checked. I have a freeze on my credit records, which also helps. I put all my sensitive data like tax records onto an external drive and from now on will only have it on my computer if I'm working on it. If it's important, they'll leave a message.

Dating site got me too. Said he was in the military and couldn't get off base while in my town. Then he was supposedly deployed overseas. Where he crushes his phone weightlifting and needs new ITunes for the new phone.

All the while his text seemed off. Really awful grammar. But he seemed so nice and text me day and night and all throughout the day. I finally figured it out. Haven't told him off yet. But I'm close. After my husband of 20 years does. I feel very vulnerable and he saw that and took advantage on the dating site.

I'm now jadded but learned a valuable lesson. One lady introduced me as combat engineer in army and she said she is in Georgia army base. I said, I will meet in person, she said she was deployed suddenly to Syria.

Today she asked me for more and I felt something fishy Sadly I'm in love with her. Oh Jim, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.

She is clearly a scam artist and she's laughing at you for falling for her. Getting requests from dating chat rooms to buy an iTunes card for an "urgent" issue. I cut them off.

I don't "lend" money to anyone, ever. I've had this happen several times on Twitter. As soon as they mention iTunes gift cards I block them. Do they think I'm stupid? Is she scamming me on wire messenger?

Should l do this for her birthday gift? I have gotten a message via th messanger saying they claimed their prize and while doing so came across my name in the list of winners. Said it was completely free. Then they said that you have to buy 3 Dollar itunes cards. As proof of identity. Oh forgot to mention I had to scratch the back off and send them the picture of the numbers. I knew right from the beginning it was a scam. But the person that told me about it said she would buy me an itunes card I could pay her back when I got my money.

I am gonna tell her you buy the cards for me and when I get my money ill pay you This almost exact thing happened to my mom.

Online dating and itunes gift cards

The message came from a person she has known for years and is friends with on Facebook. So she did it. Like I said this was someone she had known for years through church no less.

Apple Store Gift Cards can be redeemed ONLY on the Apple Online Store and at Apple Retail Stores. If you're approached to use the cards for any other. Join our SCAM FREE DATING SITE To my best knowledge scammers ask for Itunes, Amazon, Vanilla, PayPal cards Other gift cards purchased in US must be used online or retail shopping within territorial US area. I've been holding onto this iTunes gift card for four years and I finally credit cards do get stolen, and credit card fraud happens, online and.

He told he they would release her funds to her for cards in that amount. What is the IRS going to do with gift cards?? I've been requested by 3 so-called new friends on Instagram that they needed money for various reasons pay for new phone so we could video chat and facetime, pay for exam fee and help send her "sick" mom to see her dada in Turkey.

The one who needs money for final exam now requests money via Western Union to be sent to a man in Texas. She lives in Detroit! I think this is a scM. Yes Michael that's a scam, believe me i have been going through the same thing. Guys requesting me and then asking me for iTunes cards or to receive a check for them. But it sounded to shady so i blocked them.

Do the same block them they are scammers. They are now doing this to people who are looking for employment.

I have been contacted via text after listing my resume online. They send me money supposedly for equipment and then tell me to go to different places to purchase itunes gift cards.

Me too! The stated purpose was to provide security software on my devices to protect company information. This is not how businesses work!

When I checked the company website, I found the name the guy was using was the same as one of their senior executives. His picture shows an anglo-American, but the English used was atrocious!

I feel bad for people who are not as sophisticated as me who not only get scammed, but have their hopes dashed on a non-existent job. Dating site.

He even talked me into a $50 iTunes card for the trip home. Now he says his Online dating sites are a calling card for scammers. I met a guy. FTC Says Scammers Prefer iTunes Gift Cards cash or even cavorting as legitimate love interests desperate for funds over online dating sites. I have been using this iTunes gift card format to collect iTunes card from clients. The best place I love getting my clients are from dating sites. Once I meet a.

Guy spent weeks and hours of emails and calls via whatsapp. The scam was that he lived in CAnada where I live Claimed since his computer was canadian IP address? Told him I want to see photo of drivers license that showed he lived in Canada. He was heartbroken lol at my lack of trust.

I checked it very closely. It was even signed "john doe" exactly how it showed on the google search. I haven't told him I'm on to him.

I want to see how far he tries to take this. He's supposed to be coming home next week lmaooooo. I had called a FB phone number needing help With my account. A guyt called he said from FB For validation and so forth. Probably won't get my money back Says he is from Topeka Kansas.

Pretty sad to scam her. I had guy message me on fb fake profile i watch catfish dr phil this claimed to live in las vegas after few days chatting ask me if i could purchase him an itunes gift card he needed for his job well i copied scam article sent it to him.

I was scammed from they say they were from the federal reserve bank i am to receive a dollar grant but i must first pay 50 on itunes gift card then after thatgiving them the number on the back while they stayed on the phone with methey then said i need to get dollars all on the itunes card.

Im going to report them. I was just the victim of this exact scam though I signed up to be a "secret shopper. I wish Apple did more to protect consumers from this type of fraud. I've reported the stolen cards to Apple and they say they've closed all of the accounts but I'm not sure why they can't do more to track down the criminals. Thank you Nicole, i have been searching scams for hours to see if this is out there.

The letter is exactly as you described. Further, another "check" arrived from, get this, Little Lambs Learning Center operating account, but was mailed from address in Georgia. This one asked me to wire transfer money from 2 different Wal-Mart stores. I looked them both up, and I ask why would a daycare center in Texas be sending anything for secret shopping from a bowling alley address in Atlanta?

Or have anything in the world to do with secret shoppers? I am providing all of this info to authorities asap. Too bad, all I need is an opportunity to work and earn the money to save my apartment. Thanks for sharing your comnents everyone. Our credit card and ATM companies need to put fraud alerts on our accounts saying, "If the client has never bought a gift card before and there are sudden large charges, then raise a fraud alert and freeze the account.

Well I received a US Postal money order and was told to deposit it into my account and then after that go to certain stores and purchase itunes gift cards with or 50 dollars amounts on them. But I was to evaluate the store in the process.

This is for Mystery Shopping. Is this legit? I haven' t did anything as far as open the package and read it. I spend a lot of time online on facebook, youtube, etc. I recently started getting messages from girls on there asking about the itunes cards.

My first thought hmm thats unusual. I typed in itunes scam in the search engine on my phone and found out all about this.

Has an online love interest asked you for money?

I got a call on facebook messenger yesterday afternoon no face just a robo voice. My words show your face, or i am hanging up. My reply "yeah, and i'm Michael Jordan!

I cant be fooled so dont even waste your time. I became friends with someone on here said he's on an oil rig and need an iTunes card so he could purchase movies and music but I just blocked him because I didn't want to get involved. He wanted me to send him the numbers off it. I have a friend in Atlanta Georgia claims he needs a I tunes gift card to update his phone so we can call and video chat he has an I phone 6. I never knew this required to update I phones.

Am I being scammed??? By Meagan Morris Published : July 12, Recommended Slideshows 21 Pictures. Tags: scams. Latest From Climbing: Polish climber Dzienski pips lift in man vs. Brandi Carlile on leveling the playing field, one venue at a time. More from Entertainment. People are freaking out over claims of a new Instagram privacy policy change.

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Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat .. He asked me to send him a dollar Apple gift card, and when I. The iTunes Gift Card scam is one of the most common ways people are conned out of their cash, but why do scammers ask for these as. Online dating sites provide a new way to meet but also a new arena for online criminals. Satterfield sent him a $50 iTunes gift card. Then, he.

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