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Sherlock Holmes Makes History: The First Canonical Discussion of Homosexuality

By Dailymail. Elementary has a big plot twist, if these new set of photos are any indication. Fans of Sherlock and Watson, played by Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu on the popular show Elementary, might be getting the love connection they've been desiring between the pair after five seasons. On Tuesday, the actors looked like doting parents as they pushed a stroller while the cameras were rolling on the hit CBS show set. Spoiler alert!

When you look at the relationship in the original Conan Doyle canon they didn't need to get together. They did quite nicely -- they managed to tell many fascinating stories. I'd like to apply that thinking to this show as long as I possibly can," he said, according to Zap2it.

Sherlock 3x03 Sherlock has a girlfriend Part 1

Yet TV fans are well aware of what happens after time. But when you go to an actual beach and people have bikinis on, there's something more sexual," Liu told TV Guide of a potential romance.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller look like doting parents as they push a stroller on set of Elementary. The two, who play Sherlock and Watson. The Sherlock fandom has loved to “ship” Sherlock Holmes and John Watson In fact, people have thought Sherlock and Watson would be good HBO's Watchmen Starring Regina King Gets October Premiere Date By.

This is much more energized. There are some things that have to be sacred, and right now, where we are is where we need to be. US Edition U. News U.

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They are not going to do it. But there is no hidden or exposed agenda. If people want to do that on websites absolutely fine.

I also think in my case, I was talking about representation, as was Bryan, in quite a serious way. What they did was scale back that conversation and make it about something extremely silly.

I cared a lot about what I said on that panel. I meant it.

The Conan Doyle estate has already weighed in on this question in the past with a very firm no. When Robert Downey Jr. It would be drastic, but I would withdraw permission for more films to be made if they feel that is a theme they wish to bring out in the future.

Not only does Lucy Liu play Joan Watson on Elementary, but Monday's Among the book's purported soon-to-be victims: Sherlock Holmes. Don't expect Watson and Sherlock Holmes to fall in love on "Elementary." The dynamic detective duo played by Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. And last season's finale would've been a perfectly suitable final bow, with Sherlock and Watson having reaffirmed their mutual affection and.

What would the original author of the stories have wanted? These stories tried to quell fears about men who relied on homosocial companionship, using Holmes and Watson as socially acceptable, even admirable, examples of male friends. Plenty of other scholarly research on the pairing has argued that the original Sherlock Holmes character might have been asexual, which is an interpretation with which Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch agrees.

Jonny Lee Miller is best-known to TV fans as quirky, brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the recovering addict and crime solver who teams with Dr. Joan. One of those fan questions tackled the topic of Sherlock and Watson's relationship: "Are you completely against the idea of Sherlock having a. r/elementary: A subreddit for CBS's Elementary starting Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson.

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