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5 months and still no kiss

i didn't kiss my boyfriend for 6 months

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You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. I've been on 4 dates with this gal and we still haven't kissed. So far nothing I've done to get intimate with her has worked. I'm contemplatin Would a guy be willing to wait a month or two before going past kissing? How do you know how to kiss when you haven't kissed anyone before? Why haven't my 8-month girlfriend and I kissed? Are several security tech vendors vying for your attention?

This idea that we should kiss to see where it goes, instead of seeing where it But if a long term relationship is your goal and you haven't been lucky in love yet, I understand we've been taught that kissing is the way to start a relationship.

Having fewer vendors actually makes more sense. Read Enterprise Strategy Groups report now to learn more. Thanks for the A2A Shakespeare said Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so. Good Luck, Love and Blessings to you both. Related Questions Why can't I kiss this girl whom I have been dating for past 5 months? Just come out with it and start talking about it, rather than trying to drop subtle clues or hints or something.

Jena August 17,pm. Mainer August 17,pm. This would be a terrifying approach and would likely leave him super flustered.


That inexperience could be due to many things, not just with being too uncomfortable. No, but being painfully shy means that he likely gets uncomfortable in situations that are new to him.

21 Surprising Reasons Why Couples Haven't Kissed Each Other Yet

The whole topic of sex will make him uncomfortable, breaking the ice with a half-serious joke a out a blow job will not send him running for the hills. Jena August 18,am. Budjer August 17,pm.

I've been dating my b/f now for 5 months and we've gotten to know each other pretty well, but we havnt yet had our first kiss I dont want to be. So whilst I've been dying to kiss her, I've also been trying my best to respect Yet we've been going out once, occasionally twice a week for the last month or so. The fact that you haven't kissed her after 8 dates and yet she's still making .. At the end of your next date, just move in sweetly and kiss her. "I've been too scared to make a move". The first whisper reads, "I'm a pretty shy guy and I've been going out with my girlfriend for 6 months, but we stil ".

SGMcG August 17,am. You could also, in the midst of your private kissing, take his hand and place it somewhere on your body you would like him to touch — under your bra, between your legs, whatever and where ever. When I took the viriginity of one of my boyfriends, we talked about it beforehand before I became the teacher and he was the hands-on student. BTW, your guy sounds like a sweetheart! Good luck! Riefer August 17,am.

Or, instead of taking his hand and putting it there, why not use your hands? Then slowly move lower and see how he reacts. Greebo August 17,am. Talk first. Is he anxious in other areas? Does he have a history of not speaking up when he should?

Is there anything in his past, culture or upbringing that would make sex taboo, difficult, immoral, whatever?

6 months of dating and no kiss?

Bethany August 17,am. I think you need to talk to him before you just start making a ton of moves on him. He might enjoy having the pressure off him by you taking control, but he might not.

Maynard August 17,am. My cranky morning advice is to grow up and talk to him about this. Part of a loving relationship is to be able to communicate about the basics. AliceInDairyland August 17,am.

I kind of had a boyfriend like that… although we were 17 not 27, so a bit of a different context but same situation.

He was painfully shy, and almost painfully respectful of my boundaries something I really appreciate now in retrospect. I have a few suggestions, but really open conversation in general cannot hurt and can only help the situation.

It may be before the first date or it may not be until you have known each I never gave him an opportunity to go in for the kiss because I was too scared. . Hi, I've had a girlfriend for about a month now, and we haven't kissed yet, but I feel I've known her since i was like 6 too so i am pretty sure there is a. I met someone through eHarmony and have been seeing him for four However , after four months he says he is still not ready to kiss me. Is it bad if you haven't kissed the guy you've been dating for two months? . if you have been dating for 6 months and he still hasn't kissed you?.

You can kind of build off of this. And again, start simple and build up. That way he knows YOU are interested in doing more, but he can still be in the lead because you are suggesting and asking a question.

All he has to do is nod or say Yes, but then you know he feels comfortable and consent always gets 2 thumbs up from me. And although the first time you say this… it might seem awkward and not super sexy. This slow building up would also let you see if maybe there is some physical problem that has caused him to not more forward not getting aroused, etc. Not saying it is at all, but it would be a good way to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and gather lots of clues about what your guy likes.

And let him know what you like! Nothing makes me feel more confident then wearing my favorite bra. MiMi August 17,am. I think you are putting the cart before the horse, dear LW. Emotional intimacy and the honest communication needed to be open and vulnerable with each other are still lacking in your 6-month relationship.

And he would know your thoughts, wishes, and desires. Maybe both of you are a bit shy and awkward, yes? Budjer August 17,am. As you begin to trust each other more you can start showing him more advanced techniques. TheOtherMe August 17,am.

Step one: make-out for a little bit to get him riled up Step two: ask him if he wants to stop or continue further.

TheOtherMe August 17,pm. I have a cousin like him. He is too painfully shy to make the first move about everything, and totally feels more comfortable with the girl doing it. Obviously my cousin and I talk about everything, so I told him let her know that you are just not comfortable doing this and when she is ready, to have her make the first move. And his current GF is just fine and happy with that. They have been together for 8 months, known each other most of their lives, and it is working out great for them.

Truth is, NOT all guys are that straight foward…. Consider it like 6 months of foreplay. I agree that she should let it progress naturally. A discussion about sex is going to cause anxiety in a painfully shy and inexperienced guy, plus it ruins the momentum and intensity of the moment. TheGirl August 17,am. MsMisery August 17,am.

We had been dating for nearly a month, and in that time he had yet to try to kiss we're now six months into our relationship and we haven't had any .. If they've been dating for six months and he has yet to make a move, that. I've been dating someone from okcupid for six months, and while I adore her as a person, we still haven't kissed, and only hug about half the time we see each. My girlfriend and I have been dating since May 12th, and she still doesn't feel comfortable enough with me to kiss. Were both 17, and see eachother all the time .

Caris August 20,am. Either way, sounds like you found a great guy, and I hope everything works out for you! Colleen August 17,am. You can definitely ramp up the intimacy slowly with the moves others have suggested. But when you actually get to the sex-level stuff, you do need to talk beforehand. From everything you've said, it sounds as though this girl has some issues. Her "busy" life, her preference against "touchiness".

Sorry about that. In all seriousness, though, it sounds as though even if she rejects your kiss which she won't you have some solid friend material here. What's to lose? Seriously, if she's comfortable getting that close, she wants you to make a move. Kiss her She did say she doesn't want one right now, so she might just want a kissin' buddy.

If that's not cool with you then don't kiss her because you'll get more emotionally attached once you start getting physical. Man, she's probably kicking herself for giving you that "I like how un-touchy you are" line on your first date And please don't ask her for her permission.

Women love to feel irresistible! Just take her in your arms and plant one. A devil's advocate: Don't kiss her. You're probably not kissing her because, deep down, you're afraid she'll reject you.

Weve been dating for 6 months and havent kissed

Here's the thing: if she's going to reject you, you should figure that out NOW so that you can stop wasting your time with her and move on to someone else. Kiss her, hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Time to man up. I was the girl in a relationship like this when I was This guy and I hung out for a couple of months. I met his mother. We stayed up all night talking. We would hug, he would kiss my hand, there was lots of physical contact Finally I asked him what the deal was. Never mind why I didn't just kiss him. He said he wasn't ready to get involved in a romantic relationship.

There was my answer: any guy who was content to hang out with me but didn't want to kiss me was my friend. He was not, and never became, my boyfriend. So I cast my vote in the "kiss her" camp: Whether she's into it or not, at least you'll find out how she feels about you.

It's great that you're respecting her personal space, although the physical contact you've described does sound rather intimate. If you are serious about her - pursue her, chase her as a gentleman. Maybe contrary to what some other MeFites here would say or are saying I suggest: Don't worry about being relegated to the 'friend' zone.

Gain her respect and trust first. If you intend to pursue her, express that to her verbally, and set about winning her over through interaction that isn't physical, but more emotional, more based upon character - and more grounded in solid actions and unbroken promises, as well as honesty and transparency in other words, virtue. I personally believe a good relationship incl. And imo, physical contact means so much more when you have already invested the effort and love in building up a solid non-physical relationship.

You don't need to demonstrate your seriousness, or rather the seriousness of your intent to pursue her, by kissing her. And the usual little things that men do to court women they value: dinner and movie dates on you, finding out her interests and responding to them, really getting to know her heart and responding to it with actions words thoughts, getting to know her family and establishing a good relationship with them I know different people have different values about these things, so I guess - take what you think will work for you.

I also believe in stuff like giving a relationship to God, in the man taking the lead and initiative to court the woman, in honouring a woman that isn't your spouse by not having intimate physical contact with her Personally, I regret my first kisses with my ex-es because they were so ill-thought-out, and in a sense, so insecure.

I wish my ex-es had taken the time to really get to know me more, spend more time with me, pursued me more To be honest, I think my recent relationship that just ended really suffered and had a very insecure and shaky start because of that aspect. I'm also the sort that really, really appreciates non-touchy guys, for what it's worth. My ex-bf kissed me the second time he met up with me - it threw me into confusion; I really wasn't ready and I wish so much that he had valued and respected me enough to wait, and to be more considerate Don't kiss her.

Tell her clearly what you feel for her, and what you intend to do. Spend time chasing her, courting her, building a real, secure relationship with her, winning her heart and respecting her body - before you kiss her. That way, you are maintaining honesty and transparency in your interaction with her i. Personally, I believe that respecting her physically is so important in showing her that you really value her and want her; I believe it does incredible things for gaining her trust in you, and for the relationship in the long-term.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit repetitive. I know I'm obviously coming from a perspective that maybe not many people have, with maybe-probably a different value system.

I wish so much he had started it differently, among other things Like I said - take what you think will work for you, and her.

I love that you value her enough to want your first kiss to be special, and that you're really putting her interests first here. She is lucky to have someone who's being so considerate about the first kiss, and her physical boundaries. Is this a kissing thread? Seriously, this woman has been there. I wasn't quite sure of the signals I was getting from the guy, but enough looked positive that I went for it, and it worked out very, very nicely.

You can feel pretty vulnerable making the first move, but it sounds like there's a damn good chance she wants to be kissed. Yes, she has been seriously cuddly on only one occasion, but for all you know, she may have felt she was flinging herself at you, but when you didn't try anything, she may have gone home feeling foolish.

At the end of your next date, just move in sweetly and kiss her. And for God's sake, come back and tell us what happened. Do it sexy and romantic-like, and then come back and tell us about it. For point of comparison: I have a female friend who never stops bitching about this guy who she's been on N dates with, but who hasn't made a move.

That is all. Christ, nobody should have to put up with that kind of treatment. Oh wait, wrong thread. Oh, man, you are soooo in the friend zone right now. Eight dates and no kiss? Ice cream and cakes and talking? I have that kind of "date" with my aunt.

Realize that some not all! Who knows, doesn't matter. Sounds like you're feeding her emotional and kinda-sorta romantic needs without all the complications that sex introduces.

BTW, it's likely that she finds you attractive, but it's also likely that you're simply too much of a And when she finds a guy who fulfills both the emotional and sexual needs, guess what happens to you?

You'll find you get her voicemail when you try to call, and never get a call back. Full disclosure, yes, I've been in this kind of situation, and I was pissed, yes. The last time I sent her back, she asked me flat out because she's that kind of down to earth, direct sort of person what I thought of her so far, and I basically said that I liked her, liked talking and spending time with her How did she respond to this?

You opened up to her, but did you ask her the same? What did she say? If there's no quid pro quo in this, then that's pretty damn unfair of her to ask.

Man up.

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