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13 Quiet Places In Singapore For A Romantic Date Night

2019 date ideas in Singapore (places in MacPherson to check out)

Dates have be to be memorable, right? Singapore is an amazing country where east meets west. This includes the craft beer culture. Known for its western food and biker-themed ambiance, one of the highly recommended craft beer bars is Handle Bar, located at 57 Jalan Mempurong, S The only downside is that it is not exactly accessible for commuters since you can only reach there by motorcycle, car, or walk for around 30 minutes from Sembawang MRT. They have great craft beers, a wide array of bottled beers, as well as great American food!

For couples who love going on dates at Instagram-worthy placesMarina at Keppel Bay is definitely a must-go! You could visit the yacht docking area with plenty of picturesque yachts in the background. The nearby Labrador Coastal Walk is also perfect for watching sunsets and taking beautiful pictures. For artistic shots and a brilliant view, find an empty spot near the Keppel Bay Bridge and watch as it lights up the night sky.

The best unique and fun date ideas in Singapore. When it comes to romance, here are some creative ideas and fun ways to up the loving. Dating have be to be memorable, right? You want to get your adrenaline to pump up or a romantic dinner? Here are the best dating places you can find in SG!. So why not try these 10 unusual yet fun new date ideas? this enchanting maze is your next best alternative to Paris' Jardin des Plantes, if you.

The Southern tip of Keppel island is also a good spot for catching the sunset, and even a picnic, while taking in the view. West Coast Park is a rather well-kept secret and not known by many. You can also visit the park to relax as you overlook the view of the waterfront. The suspension bridge is quite a sight for sore eyes when it lights up at night. Situated in the town area, this is one of the best places to drop by after a long day bustling with huge crowds in shopping malls.

This park is a historical landmark so nature lovers and history buffs alike can rejoice!

Best dating places singapore

You can find ancient artefacts among the flora and fauna as you stroll through this park. There are many areas in this park where you can have your picnic in peace. Sometimes, there are also free concerts held at Botanic Gardens so you can enjoy good music among the vast greenery!

Marina Barrage is another great date night idea. In fact, it can actually get pretty breezy at night!

23 Quiet Places In Singapore For A Romantic Date Night

With the cooler weather and an amazing view of the city skyline, this is a must-go for all couples! Not many are aware of this but the Singapore Cable Car is a great date night idea because you can have the entire cable car to yourselves! Enjoy a fine dining experience onboard this cable car as you catch the sunset with your significant other.

From metres above sea level, you can be sure to catch an incredible sunset! The Istana Park is tucked in a corner at Dhoby Ghaut and because of this, people often forget of its existence.

This charming little park boasts beautiful flora and fauna, with plants sourced from around the Southeast Asian region. Drop by this park after a filling dinner for a casual stroll with your partner! East Coast Park is a beach park located along the south-eastern coast of Singapore. Even though the park can get crowded in some areas, there are still some spots that offer some peace and quiet.

Break some stuff, and go wild.

Here are 17 budget-friendly things you can do in Singapore including workshops, But there is hope yet with these 17 cheap date ideas in Singapore that are . It's also a popular place to snag some good shots for the gram. So we've taken the liberty of rounding up out-of-the-ordinary date ideas around town that have nothing to do with your usual dinner-and-movie. We let you in on the most romantic spots in Singapore, from Few things are dreamier than stargazing with your lover right next to you. If you're.

Gaze at the stars with your lover, in the privacy of your little tent, adorned with beautiful fairy lights — truly, the very definition of romantic! Prices go from SGD for a minimum of 2 pax.

The check-in time is at 3pm, and check-out is at 2pm. Check out their website here. Hate the thought of getting out in the hot, sweltering sun, travelling back and forth, breaking a sweat, but really like the thought of going on a brand new adventure?

Have your very own pseudo- adventure through a VR experience — because thankfully, technology has marched far enough for the lazy peeps out there — that we can experience the thrills of adventuring, solving crimes, fighting baddies, and even experiencing zero-gravity scenarios, all without even having to break a sweat, or be in any real danger, for that matter.

Alternatively, for a low-budget version, indulge in a nostalgic favourite and go for an arcade-date with your bae.

date-ideas-singapore-science-centre-observatory Hey, not all good dates involves forking out a ton of money – some can even be free!. Drop by these quiet places in Singapore on your next date night and save For the best experience, bring your trusty camera along for a late. Here's a list of 12 of the most romantic places in Singapore to make that What I like best about it is the spectacular view on a clear night.

To book, click here. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Float along the coasts of Sentosa, sizzle up some juicy meats, enjoy a Margherita or two, sit back, and enjoy your own little private enclave atop the sea.

Send them your contact information via Facebook page to be notified of future bookings. Read their Facebook page for more information. Bowling — a classic activity to break the ice. Get competitive with the S. Prices start from SGD4. It has six outlets in total, which you can refer to here. If you must know — then yes, you actually can dive right here, in Singapore. No need to pay some exorbitant fee to some exotic country. Soak in the sights and swim alongside sea creatures like clown fish, anemone fish, angelfish, get yourself a water camera for a water-selfie with your bae, and show off the great adventures you went on without even having to leave the country!

Here are diving schools in Singapore to consider.

Rent one of these babies and bring it to a swimming pool, create your own set challenges, and have a childish blast with your bae. It is priced at SGD per ball, per hour. Be prepared to be served by the actors themselves, who may even choose to bring you into their theatrical plot, for a truly immersive experience you and your S.

From an amorous rendezvous luxe spa to a secluded floating restaurant, Culture Trip has compiled a seductive list of secret dating spots in.

At SGD88 per person, and timings are dependent on availability, which you can see on their website. Requires an online booking prior to the dinner. The cons?

Having now the power to create ice cream at home is probably not the best thing for your gut. At all.

5 Places In Singapore For An Active Day Out (feat. Georgina Poh) - Guide To Singapore

Prices go from SGD43 per pax, depending on the number of people in the class. Classes are open on Mon — Fri 10am — 6pm and Sat 10am — 1pmand is available at all Udders outlets. For more information, check it out here. Durians may be loathed and hated upon by the international crowd, but so beloved by us Southeast Asians.

Indulge in a local favourite by eating durians along the roadside in Geylang, which, really, is how you should be eating durians — fresh out of the shell. Get messy and dig in using your hands, savour the custardy goodness with the S. O, and be united with equally bad breaths after. Looking for a total change of pace?

Singapore’s romantic spots: hotels, restaurants, bars and museums for the perfect date

Plus, food, wine and music will also be provided as you paint, to really get you inspired as you paint! It is SGD38 per person for 2. It is located at Blk 44 Owen Road,S, and contactable at Sweat it out with your bae by doing a calming bout of yoga or intense Pilates where the two of you can learn something new together, whilst also toning your body to get bodygoals.

Check out our previous article on the differences between yoga and Pilates! Unleash your creative juices as you and your partner. Considering getting a pet with the S.

Soften your S. Christine is a huge lipstick addict who nurses a steadily growing collection of around 40 lipsticks at the moment. She also really likes Korean ulzzang fashion style and makeup.

Watch the sunset or have a romantic dinner on a cruise A walk along the beach to watch the sunset or a dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? Make your romantic date an extra special one by doing these on a cruise. They offer two types of experiences: Sunset Sail — City Views 4pm to 7pm : This cruise sets sail just as the sun heads for the horizon.

Sounds amazing, huh! Gaze at the stars in the night sky Source: facebook. Put your thinking caps on together and hop by some trivia bars Source: thesmartlocal. Ice skating Source: hercampus. Go on a food hunt Source: straitstimes. Source: cafehoppingsg.

Have a picnic at Botanic Gardens Source: awesomememories. Want to get a bit more active? Take a hike around Coney Island Parkon a bicycle or on foot.

While it may be romantic to see the sunset from Mount Faber, it can also be as romantic to view the sunrise there a couple that wakes up early together, stays together! Its creative spiral structure reflects the colours of dusk charmingly. Few things are dreamier than stargazing with your lover right next to you.

You can also look through the telescopes to see various objects in the sky. Ah yes, the dreamy S. A Aquarium in Sentosa is a lovely spot if you love everything about the aquatic life. Activity idea: Try to spot as many species as you can there are over a thousand! We love watching the world go by at any rooftop bars and restaurants included but the rooftop terrace at The Esplanade is an underrated spot for a short escape from the frisky CBD.

You also get unobstructed views of the iconic CBD skyline.

For the artsy, culture-loving couple. The oldest museum in Singapore is, surprisingly, a natural venue for romance.

Its winding heritage staircases and massive permanent exhibits are made for hand-holding, while its newest breathtaking digital exhibition of the Glass Rotunda invites you to gape and gasp at the dreamy, immersive art in unison.

Want more ideas for out-of-the-ordinary movie dates? Built by sailors and traders from China in the s, worshippers pray to the moon deity, Yue Lao, to seek advice on relationship matters within this religious site.

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