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Exclusive Interview: Meet ‘Quiz Date Live’ AKA Tinder For Trivia Lovers

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Three years ago, a lonely Zachary Casler was texting around, trying to find some friends to grab dinner with and deciding on a restaurant they all wanted to try. It was a ridiculously hard ritual he went through almost nightly. Casler had moved to Texas a few years earlier for a job as an oil trader. But his true love was food. He'd been dabbling with a food blog and as a food photographer, and he was growing frustrated with how hard it was to gather a few friends together to try a new restaurant. So he built an app called Dindr, which was supposed to be like Tinder for dinner plans. He even jokingly used a Tinder-like slogan: "Love at first bite.

It also had a feature that let you put out an open invitation to strangers to meet up somewhere at a specific place and time.

But people were secretly using it as a dating app. This guy accidentally created a dating app that turned into the HQ Trivia of matchmaking. Dating app maker Zoosk wants their own piece of the pie and is taking away all the awkwardness of showing up at a bar for trivia, and hoping to. No one asked for 'Trivia meets Tinder'. Now we got it Quiz Date Live is a mix of a live chat app and a trivia tool. When hosting a.

He launched it first in Austin and grew so excited by the idea of doing a tech startup that he quit his job to work full-time on Dindr, living frugally on his savings without a paycheck. The app saw some initial success when about 2, users downloaded it. He was then able to hire some help.

But then growth stalled. He and his team polled the users on what they liked, what they didn't. And they were shocked to discover that Dindr was secretly being used more like Tinder than he imagined. A number of people were using that open invite feature to meet people and set up dinner dates.

Casler, himself single at the time, was intrigued. Why use a food app to find love when so many dating apps already exist? The team did more research and came up with an answer: Those apps were often frustrating or demoralizing to use. So we were all familiar with the trials and tribulations of a millennial date," he said.

With other apps, there's often a disconnect between browsing potential mates and actually landing a first date: It's hard to stop swiping and settle on one person. There's no obligation to speak to someone.

There's no knowing if someone you reached out to will reply. And even if they are open to chatting, it may never lead to an actual in-person date.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Quiz Date Live is debuting today as a live dating and trivia app, taking inspiration from the likes of HQ Trivia. Quiz Dating Live. Coffee Meets Bagel. Match. Bumble. Raya. Happn. Hinge. The League. Marc's Personal Favorite Online Dating App. Scruff, a gay dating app, is launching a new live quiz show, called Hosting, that'll live inside the app. Shockingly, and truly I'm shocked, this isn't.

Dindr Dindr On top of that, someone would be stuck coming up with the recommendation of where to meet. One that would respectfully allow you to meet with people you match with one at a time?

You can also add people as a friend, if you hit it off. But for now, it needs to match users with any live players in order to fill out its teams. Unlike HQ Trivia, which features live streams with a host, Lively is just group video chat with a trivia component. Also, because there are no prizes or payouts, you can join anytime during the minute gaming session to be placed into a team and play along.

Lively is not the first app to support a group video chat interface where gameplay is an option. Our goal at Zoo.

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Scroll To Start Quiz. A free meal. A good conversation. A soulmate. A friend. Frumpy clothes.

Online dating can be complicated! This quiz will help you decide which dating app to use.

A wedding dress. A bathing suit. A shirt that reads "Fucking bitches". Go into it blindly. Have a friend set it up.

Trivia dating app

Talk with the person before via text. Ditch the dinner and just get freaky. Physical attraction. Sense of humor. Sue Johnson.

Lively, the HQ-inspired trivia dating app has arrived

Patti Stranger. Who needs love? Someone with bad breath. Someone with no motivation in life.

Someone with no friends. Someone with no personality.

Quiz Date Live is a new dating app that combines the fun of playing trivia games and the excitement of possible romance. Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Which Dating App You'll Meet Your Soulmate On. Tinder and Bumble and Hinge OH MY. Posted on June 3. Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of trivia applications like HQ Trivia, dating app maker Zoosk has just released an experimental app that.

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