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Johnny Seo - Company [ ff - 18 + ]

Originally posted by chenderalla. What a waste of time. Just do it, is it that hard for you? I stopped walking and faced back just to see him standing there, smirking, this was a game and I was losing. You alone have made the race to be a quarter of what it used to.

He was a walking example of everything positive in your world, and you could say the same about the bonus friends you gained through him. Whenever you had moved to Seoul, you never considered befriending a group of idols as an option. So far this week you had helped Taeil go gift shopping, Haechan pick out an outfit for a holiday party, and now you were building gingerbread houses with Johnny.

dating johnny

Staying busy in the company of people you loved helped you miss home a little less. He knew to be careful with the question, already experiencing sporadic rounds of tears whenever anything that made you think of your family was brought up. You simply shook your head, turning back to your gingerbread house before Johnny cleared his throat to break the silence. A large smile immediately filled his face as you heard a distinct crunch. Looking from his face and to the gingerbread wall in his hand, there was an obvious crack now running through the cookie.

A silent ripple of laughter began to shake your shoulders as he pulled the wall apart where it had cracked. Heaving a heavy sigh, he let the damaged pieces fall to the table before groaning. Standing, you moved toward him, piping bag in hand. You sat beside him before offering it in his direction. Taking a breath, you studied his profile. He really was one of the best looking men you had ever seen.

You had struggled internally with this thought before, wondering if it was really okay to say something like this about your best friend. Coming to peace with the realization that you found him attractive was really all you could do, as actually confessing may have been a stressful enough thought to kill you. Lifting his hand, you put the bag of icing between his fingers, trying to ignore the static shock that lit your skin with his touch. It just comes out as globs.

Show me how you do it? After the moment it took you to comprehend his request, you lifted your hand again, placing your significantly shorter fingers atop of his much longer ones.

You swallowed hard before steering them toward the broken wall of the gingerbread house, carefully pushing at his pointer finger to squeeze the frosting onto the cookie. Ten and Taeyong loomed only a yard or so away, leaning on opposite sides of the door jam with sly smiles. Ten licked his lips before nodding towards Johnny. Aside from his group activities, his solo career is also making good progress, so he needs to focus on his work before it dies down.

He has waited for this opportunity for nine years, thus he is probably concentrating on his career rather than his lovelife. Lastly, as Johnny is busy from morning till night, a girl that is optimistic, caring, and understanding would be highly appreciated. Small things like cooking for him, or smiling at him, would guarantee to make his day. We can tell he likes women who dress elegantly and have long, dark hair. Johnny never revealed what he thinks about marriage.

He just turned 22, and is still young enough to have a bit of fun before settling down. Also, he is too consumed in the present with all his activities, and might not have the capacity to think of big future plans at the moment.

Jul 20, - Read Thoughts on dating Johnny Seo (Seo Young Ho) from the story Thoughts on dating by _saccharin (Honey Sucrose) with reads. Mentally I'm Dating Johnny Cade Request: holiday request #10 with Johnny of NCT!!. Prompt: Building a Pairing: NCT Johnny x Reader. Genre: Fluff. Mar 16, - Oh, baby - This relationship would be such a rollercoaster - Johnny would be so confident - Al.

I just stand there, still, without moving an inch. As he leaves the room, a nurse comes in. She seems young. Way too young to be here.

Dating johnny seo

She rushes to me and hands me some clothes. Someone will come to show you the place. I look at the clothes, it looks like some kind of military outfit or something like that check mediabut not of those the soldiers use to go to war, more like a everyday one, like if it were for training.

They only seemed to make some sort of static noise, just like if they were a radio out of tune. My head keeps turning. I barely even remember my name. My brain sends me glimpses of what seem to be memories. A landscape.

Jul 2, - Johnny As Your Boyfriend What Would Johnny Be Like As Your Boyfriend• This meme wow okay • So and soon he would hesitate to whip out Johnny's fashion evaluation . NCT U Reaction to Their S/O Playing the Piano. Jun 13, - DATING JOHNNY (NCT) • So this lovable giant would be the most lovable human being you'll ever meet • From surprising you with flowers • To. Aug 6, - Dating Johnny Includes • Okay so this actual giant would give so many hugs • Constant affection and skinship • like, you're waking up in the.

A small house. An old car on the entrance.

I open my eyes and a strong light flashes me. Where am I? I seem to be in something alike to a hospital room.

Aug 8, - dating nct johnny!!1!1!1!! • “i can see why ten calls you a fatass” • “girl wys” • him being more of a best friend than a boyfriend, usually. Nov 8, - Dating Johnny I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I I really want to make this a series with every NCT member~. Apr 7, - Johnny was born on February 9, in Chicago, USA with the name Seo Yungho. He is a Korean-American singer and part of NCT, a South.

I try to sit but, on the exact moment I try to flex my arm, something nails me. A needle. I have a needle on my right arm. What is that doing there?

What has happened to me? I remove the needle of my arm and sit on the bed. My back hurts when I move. How long have I been sleeping? I get off the bed.

My bare feet touch the cold, white old floor of the room. I start to wander around the room. All I have are those small glimpses my brain keeps sending me. I get closer to the door.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I place my hand on the old bronze handle and try to turn it. I take a look at the room again and see a little table beside the bed. I walk closer to it and pick up one of the papers.

I look closely and try to read what it says. We hope for favorable results. What kind of injections? Training for what? What is going on?

I put the paper down and sit on the bed. Everything around me is spinning and I can feel my heart beat inside my head. A series of images starts to flash in front of my eyes. A kitchen.

A mided aged woman cooking. Me sitting at the table. Two men coming suddenly into the kitchen. Them saying something. I refusing to do what they say. Them grabbing me. The woman shouting and crying. Me being dragged. A needle in my arm. The pain on my head reduces. Things do no longer spin. But, what do those images mean? Was that woman my mother?

Johnny's interview with a girl

Were those the men that took me here? Have I been kidnapped? A low noise distracts me.

Two men with white clothes and masks covering almost all their faces enter the room. One of them starts to walk towards me, slowly, just like if they were afraid of me, like if I were some kind of terminal patient whose only breath could spread a terrible disease to whoever was close. Maybe I am. Without saying a thing, one of them takes my arm and looks at the place where the needle used to be. Then he looks at me and back at my arm.

He gave a look to the other man, who had been standing on the door, and he left the room to come back a few minutes later with a tray. He placed the tray on the table and gave a look to the man next to me, who quickly nodded his head as an answer. And again, without saying a thing, they left. I heard the key locking the door. I felt like if this were some sort of strange dream, of which I would soon get up and feel relieved it ended.

I know this is real. But what kind of reality is this? I put those thoughts aside and get up. I walk closer to the table and examinate the tray. It seems to be a normal hospital tray, like those they use to give you the food in.

I take the cover of it off and see what it contains. What else would this kind of tray contain? There is a bowl with what I assume is some sort of chicken soup, an apple and a slice of white bread.

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