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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Like? Does God Speaking Through Dreams?

To dream that you are abandoned suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. Let go of your old attitudes. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream indicates you have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream as part of the healing process and dealing with losing a loved one. It may also stem from unresolved feelings or problems from childhood.

Those are symbols in your life that you must consider or figure out. There is occasion when this dream is somewhat worrying. This is when you may dream of a current partner in real life dating someone else.

This dream means that things are likely to be difficult between in you and your partner in waking life. Dreams are normally from life experiences.

Jun 6, - What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Love? . a job or found out your crush is dating someone else, feelings of rejection. Dating in dreams is connected to how one communicates with other people. There is occasion when this dream is somewhat worrying. This is when you may dream of a current partner (in real life) dating someone else. This dream means that things are likely to be difficult between in you and your partner in waking life. To dream that you are on a blind date represents unknown aspects of . Alternatively, the dream may mean that you want someone who is as good to you as.

It reflects the things that you have done or wanting to do in life. Seeing your partner dating another person would mean you have to make a move to stop whatever relationship you may have.

It indicates that there is a problem in the relationship or between two of you. To see tears in a dream represents goodbyes and sorrows.

It implies weakness and a signal that change is needed. To dream of speed dating means that one needs to think about how they project themselves in waking life. To date an old friend means that the dreamer has a need for sexual affection, and acceptance.

What Does it Mean to Have Romantic Dreams About Someone

For those who are in relationship, this may mean the same but there may be some rejection. To date a serial killer can be a rather worrying dream. This dream indicates that someone maybe upset with you in waking life. Dreams which have destruction as a theme, such as dating a serial killer or where you or someone else is destroying things or people often refer to releasing emotions or behavior that are destroying us.

In conclusion, dating in dreams can create positive and negative effect. It depends to the surroundings, time and the people around us. Skip to main content. Dating Dream Meaning What does a Dating mean in your dream.

Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. It could also be a knocking noise outside and either hearing their voices or just a memory of their voices calling out to you. I once had a dream, that I wasn't sure was a dream, of a giant robotic spider, coming up my stairs.

I woke up and continued to hear the noise of it coming up the stairs until I realized it was a snow plow outside. Some people claim two knocks is a sign of something bad coming. But, I wouldn't worry about that too much until something actually proves that theory right.

A better thing to focus on is that the number two is a symbol of union and peace, and it could just symbolize your closeness to them. Lastly, you could be in high demand right now, and so you are even dreaming about them needing you in real life. In other words, if they are constantly needing you in real life, that could definitely transfer to your dreams, especially if they tend to knock before entering the room and getting your attention.

I dreamt that I was best friends with this guy for ages and I realized that I liked him but I've never seen this person in real life and he looked similar to my ex. If he looked similar to your ex, then the dream was likely about your ex.

Maybe you are realizing how much you cared about him or how good he was for you. Or, maybe you are regretting losing a close friendship. Afterward, she left me. Unless she's shared with you that something inappropriate is going on, I would say that you are either jealous of her relationship with her dad or feel as if they are too close.

It doesn't mean that they are. It's just your perception or feelings. You mean get lucid? Do reality checks during the day, such as looking at your hand back and front to make sure it stays the same or jumping up and down to make sure you come back down.

Once you do it enough in your day, you will do it in your dream, only your hand will change in some way and instead of coming back down, you may hover or fly a bit.

Then you will know you are dreaming and can begin to take control of the dream. A very special friend of mine had a dream in which she saw my parents whom she has never met with me in a club. And she introduces them to her friends.

What kind of feelings does she have for me? I dreamt that my friend told me that my boyfriend doesnt love me and he never did. I just dreamt about a strange guy trying to touch, hug, and kiss me and I hated it. He kept bothering me while I was sitting and trying to eat I was somewhere in a restaurant and no one seemed to bother to tell him to stop no matter how uncomfortable I was. What do you think this dream indicates? Is someone bothering you in life? Are they trying to make you do something you don't want to do?

Are they doing something you are not comfortable with? Or, are they bugging you while you are trying to do something you want to do? Do other people notice yet don't speak up for you? I think the dream reflects something like that going on in your life. Last night I dreamed about my dead husband and that he was alive. He said he needed to just get away for a while. He has been gone for 7 months and I have started a new relationship in the dream and after he showed up I found out I was pregnant by the other person.

Did you start a new relationship in the dream or in real life? The way you wrote it is confusing and sounds like you started a new relationship in the dream.

In any case, I would assume that you are allowing yourself to move on a bit because when he shows up you are already taken in a certain kind of way. There may be something about the person you are dreaming about that you love.

Are they honest? There may be a trait they possess that you are wanting in your life. I had a dream where my cousin was telling me that he and my crush are getting married and it made me angry and heartbroken. It could mean that you are upset with your cousin for some reason. Maybe he's trying to get what you have, or you think he's trying to get what you have? It could also mean you are insecure about being able to attract your crush, and deep down you think you might lose your crush to someone else.

A wish dream. It would be nice if everything was perfect. We all want that on some level. I had a dream of my boyfriend's baby's mother telling me to leave him alone. My boyfriend said no. Probably that you know your boyfriend's ex doesn't like you, but your boyfriend seems to be committed to you.

I dreamt a few days ago, I was in a mall and some guy wrote a sign to me saying to me dean loves you. Is something big is going to happen? Is there a dean in your life? It could be a literal sign that he is good for you. Or, it could just be wishful thinking on your part. I keep dreaming that my husband and I are young and dating, and he just stops talking to me, no matter what I do he will not pick up my calls.

Dec 24, - What does it mean to dream of dating a guy that you don't even have If you're curious and want to learn more about someone, enter a name  Why did I dream about dating my crush? - Quora. When you dream about dating someone you know, it does not necessarily mean that you are physically or romantically attracted to them, it can have deeper. Assholes: someone new, diverting and being atlanta dating service reviews waking life. Like this dream about a dream is a dream indicates that people may be.

I wake up so upset. Do you worry that your husband would have picked someone else if he could go back in time, whether it is true or not? The fact that you are young and dating, and he stops talking to you, points to that. You could also feel insecure in the relationship or with yourself right now, and this is how that insecurity is playing out in your dreams.

I had a dream that someone I like was making sure I was asleep then opened the door for another woman wearing an entirely black outfit. Then he kissed her. That was the second dream in less than a week? It sounds like you think this guy has a hidden agenda in some way. Maybe you don't trust him. Has he given you a reason not to? If not, then it's probably just your insecurity around him. So I have this friend, who I feel is more than a friend. And in my dream, all these girls he goes out with are telling him that he's wasting time because he's in love with me.

What could that mean?

'Dreams about Dating someone with green hair,A possible date accepting money,A date from the past re-appearing,Dating an old woman,Drug addicts dating.

It could mean that you want him to be in love with you and stop wasting his time with other girls. It was just a sex dream. It's normal. It's amazing what we think about in regards to sex and play in our dreams. I have been with my current partner for more than 20 years but we never married and we have 7 kids together. Recently I had a dream that I was a bride, and I told my family I was gonna elope but they were against the idea, what could this mean?

I had a dream where I met a girl who was years older than me. Her husband and mom were dead and she had a small baby too. In the dream, she pretended that she married the wrong person.

In the dream, she confessed that she loves me and in the dream, I appear to be happy to hear it and try to calm her down. What does this all mean? A fantasy perhaps? Have you watched a movie that resembles this dream? Heard a story similar to it? You don't mention whether or not you know someone who is older than you whose husband passed away.

That could be the reason for the dream as well. I had a dream that my boyfriend was a murderer and I begged him to stop and not to hurt me. I told him that I still love him but he just scared me and soon he started chasing me trying to kill me.

More context in the dream matters because it can help you interpret it better. But, I would guess that in your waking life you are either scared of your boyfriend or you feel like he is doing something that you don't agree with.

Maybe something that will hurt you or your relationship. So I keep having dreams about this person now and then and I thought I was over them but now I'm uncertain. Why do I keep dreaming of this person? I had a dream of a person whom I truly love most, but unfortunately, I am already married.

But I saw him in my dream that he missed me and he wanted me to come back to him. Even if I also saw his fiancee. I have been dreaming about my husband of 20 years and my ex-fiance from before. Actually quite a lot but last night I again dreamt that I had to choose between them and I chose my ex.

May I ask what is your opinion on this type of dream? I will be honest, I know for the last 5 years at least I continually dream of a relationship with my ex on a romantic and committed level.

I had a dream where I was about to start a new romantic relationship with someone else and I said no, because I was not over my ex. Coincidentally, I was taking a nap with my ex at the time. I had a recurring dream of marrying a childhood crush who I had a relationship with a few years ago.

We didn't end up together in the end due to distance. For the last 2 months, I dreamed of us preparing for our wedding. We were both happy and at peace. Both dreams are in preparation for the wedding.

We haven't gotten married yet in my dream. I had a dream that my mom was trying to tell my ex to stop talking to me.

Dream analysis dating someone

She didn't want communication between us to ruin my marriage. My ex said that he doesn't want to ruin it because he's in a relationship himself. He expressed how he will always love and care for me. He just wanted to talk because he missed me. I was confused because the dream came out of nowhere. What's the meaning behind my dream about my mom and my ex? I had a dream about a guy that I don't like.

A dream interpretation article courtesy of, your source for psychic love The perfect man or woman on your arm, someone to cuddle up to, plan a. Feb 24, - When you dream about someone, it can mean a lot of things. anyone dreams about dating someone and is nervous then it means that you. Romantic dreams (or dreaming of other people) are some of the most common dreams out there. In particular, while we sleep we often see someone we like or.

In the dream, we kissed and when I woke up I had feelings for him. I would bet that this guy's personality is what you are attracted to. Was he a nice guy? A bad boy? A thoughtful person? Something else? What about him would you be attracted to. I would say look for a guy who has those traits. I had a dream that my loved one was crying to me and telling me to promise that I will always love him and be with him for the rest of my life.

It could mean that you think he's too needy. Or it could mean that you are thinking about leaving him and you know it would hurt him. Or it could mean that you think your relationship is going to last the rest of your life.

Only you know what's going on in your relationship and your mind, so I can't say for sure. In my dream, my ex was crying over another guy. I asked three times how do you know him then awoke. I dreamt of black and classy trousers which were open and I closed them, what could it mean? What does it mean if I dream about the same man many times?

Then we were in an apartment together talking. He also confessed he was ill. Then both of our families walked in together and my husband was helping his wife and our children were playing together. What does it mean when you dream about a woman holding your boyfriend by force and then I end up fighting the woman and I spill a drink on my boyfriend? It could mean you feel like you are competing with someone for your boyfriend. Because you say by force, it could be his mother or sister or even an ex-girlfriend who has some influence over him.

What does it mean when you often dream of being in love with your high school classmate yet you never had any special relationship with them before? Are you still in high school?

If not, then it could be about you wanting to go back to that time. Or it could be that something has reminded you of high school and he or she is the symbol for some reason as he or she is neutral and not something that symbolizes good or bad.

If you are still in high school then it may just be a dream working out your day and letting off steam. Unless you like the person, then it has everything to do with your crush. I dreamt that a guy wants me to follow him down the hill, but suddenly rain pours. Did the rain stop you from going down? What does rain mean to you? Is something stopping you from going after what you want in life? Did you watch a movie with a scene like this recently? All of these questions can help you interpret your own dream because it will give you a better context to work from.

I dreamt that a woman I like sent me a note, but not on paper, saying she had picked someone else over me. It was set in my old bedroom in my mother's house.

Can you help me understand? Do you know what she sent you the note on if it wasn't paper? That's a weird element, so that may have a lot to do with the reason behind the dream. And, how did you feel in your old bedroom? Safe and secure? Was it your go-to place when you were feeling down?

I would say that you are either worried that she doesn't want someone like you or that she is interested in someone else. If she sent you a note, it's a sign she doesn't want to tell you outright, but she still wants you to know she's not interested - a sign you might be picking up on? Or, it's just stemming from insecurity you have. I had a dream of my boyfriend realizing that he doesn't love me, and now he loves someone else and he left me.

It means insecurity or low confidence on your part. It may be a time in your life when you are not feeling confident in some area - even in your relationship. I dreamt of my current partner who recently told me it was nothing serious though I am constantly receiving mixed signals from him. In my dream, he confessed his love for me. Could this mean he does want to be with me?

I think you mean that he told you that your relationship was nothing serious? If that's the case, believe him. Your dream is a symbol of what you want, not what's going to happen.

You are hoping he will confess his love to you. If he told you he's not serious, then he doesn't want to be with you in that way. I had a very strange dream that someone peed on me and when I went to go tell on that person, the security guard kissed me and then had intercourse. After that the security guard and I ran away with each other back to his house. This could mean so many things.

Context around what's happening in your life is important here. It could mean that you feel like someone is treating you poorly and someone else is there to not only protect you, but make you feel better too. You can run away with that person and get away from everything.

It could be a combination of things you've been thinking about and seeing on TV. For instance, someone getting peed on in one show, a security guard in another show, and thinking about intercourse and relationships. I dreamt that my crush went to Georgia. He didn't tell me, but I was watching flight patterns on a map.

Somehow from Atlanta, he traveled to Hilton Head where my parents live. I felt confused, jealous, and anxious. Could mean that you are feeling suspicious of him or that you feel like you have to monitor him too much.

I don't know what each of these places means to you. That will factor in when interpreting the dream. For instance, do you hate Georgia? Maybe you feel like he's going in a direction you hate and, possibly, he may switch directions and go somewhere you love? I had a dream about my crush and me on an elevator together and we were going up to the next floor. There were only a few others in the elevator with us and they were getting ready to get off on the next floor.

Then I woke up. What does my dream about my crush in an elevator mean? Well, an elevator going up seems like a good thing. You could be moving towards something more than just a crush with this person. It's also possible that you could just want to move to something more or feel like you are ready to move to something more.

Basically, it's about taking your relationship higher in some way. Maybe a date or maybe just talking. I dreamt of a close guy friend who I have feelings for. Why does he keep saying that? You may be worried about him being taken soon. Or, you may be feeling as though he isn't into you like that and, to get the point across, he is telling you straight up about his love life because he doesn't see you like that.

I had a dream about me and my "best" friend, being in school, and sitting on a couch, then she turned to me and started talking about our friendship. After this she confessed her feelings for me, in my dream, I seemed happy yet at the same time manipulative, so I rushed things and kind of made her pleasure me. I'm kind of confused, what is the meaning of this? Do you feel like you are manipulating her in some way?

You know she cares about you so you are taking advantage of that in some way, or you feel like you are taking advantage of that. Did he or she reject you in real life?

You aren't clear. But, no matter what, they showed up in your dream because they are your crush and they are on your mind. I always see myself as being caught while making out in my dreams. And the person I am making out with keeps changing, sometimes it's my current boyfriend, sometimes ex. But I always see that my parents caught me while doing it or trying. I am 26, not a teen to be scared of my folks that way. But then why? Probably worried about being judged by your parents in some way.

Maybe you are worried that they think you are making the wrong choices or living life wrong or whatever else. I had a dream that my new boyfriend was visiting me at home and my deceased dad showed up and didn't say anything and he left. Did your dad look happy or upset? That would be a good indication of what the dream meant. He may approve or not. In my dream, me and a guy from my class were in love and we also were sexually attracted to each other and I had positive feelings when I woke up.

But I have a boyfriend. What should this mean? Your relationship makes you want to cry? I'm assuming that you are not happy in it. That's likely why you dreamt about another guy. You are exploring other possibilities or your subconscious is letting you know that there are other fish in the sea that will make you happier.

It means your ego is playing out in your dream. If you are still attached to your ex, then you simply don't want him to like anyone else. And, even if you are not attached to your ex, your ego likely doesn't enjoy the fact that he's attracted to someone else, so your dream is a way to help yourself feel better. I'm dating a girl that my parents like a lot.

However, I dreamt that my parents started rejecting her and telling me not to marry her. They went to a spiritual place and the spiritual man told them that my girl used charm so that everyone in my family will love her, that my girl is fetish, and my girl started crying in the dream, and I felt bad knowing that my parents don't want us together anymore. Please, what's the meaning of this dream?

I believe you think your parents don't like her or think that's she's right for you. Or maybe you are worried about that. I had four different dreams about 3 different people one of them was in two dreams in which the person is just, there, in a big room that is plain white.

When I wake up from these dreams, I feel like I am on top of the world. Sounds like you are connecting to your spiritual side in your dreams and recharging yourself and your spirit. The person may be a spiritual influence or just a spirit you are connected to. I had a dream about my lover and he was very happy and playing in the ocean while I was walking along the sand trying not to touch the water.

We both looked like we were having lots of fun at the beach. It sounds like you feel as though you are a little bit different. But, you are happy despite any differences you may have. In my dream, I have seen a man holding a baby in his arms and saying that this baby needs me as a mother. That man wants to get married to me for his baby. You may be feeling obligated to help someone else in your life with their burdens or problems. You may be feeling used, as in someone only wants to be with you, work with you, or hang around you because they need you to help them out in some way.

It's likely insecurity or you've seen signs that she's losing interest. Either way, it's a good sign that something is feeling off in your life or your relationship and you need to examine it. I had a dream that my children's father had another baby. He told me it was his daughter and he cheated. I'm constantly dreaming about him cheating or having another child.

We are expecting our 5th child. I'm confused and hurt at the same time. Are you worried about him cheating on you? Has he given you signs that he's cheated on you? Because you are constantly dreaming about this, it sounds like you are dreaming about him cheating because you are feeling insecure in your relationship or mistrustful of him. Plus, having a kid is an intimate experience, so maybe you feel like he's having an intimate experience with someone else and you don't like it.

It doesn't have to be a romantic experience. Maybe he spends too much time with his friends or family doing things that you would like to do together. I highly suggest taking something like Lifebook Online a Mindvalley course and working on your intimate relationship. People say it helps them build up their relationship and trust in a way that they've never had before. A woman tells you she loves you then falls down a hill. You chase her, she picks up speed and gets hurt. Then you pick her up and carry her.

Then she tells you she does not love you now. What would this mean? It could mean that her struggles have made her a different person and what she once wanted she no longer wants. It's been three years already and I still haven't received communication from my husband after he left me for another girl. Then last night I had a dream that we met in the mall and he was hugging and kissing me on the forehead.

In the dream, everything seemed good as if nothing bad had happened. I asked him for annulment papers and then he told me that he already broke up with the girl and he is coming back to me.

What is does it mean? It's just a fantasy dream. One that plays out in a way where you win. Unless he's contacted you in some way or someone told you that he was coming back, then it's a story from your imagination. That's all. What does it mean if I dreamt that my husband and I were dating again, but he wasn't that into me?

Then my ex showed up in my dream and I watched him walk by thinking this is the last time I will ever see him. I felt sad and wished he saw me. I just woke up and in my dream, my crush told me several times that he likes me back, actually the term that he used was "Love", that he loves me back and when I told him that I don't believe him, when I was about to brush my teeth he turned me facing him and he kissed me then he said "I hope you believe me now" then he left and from afar, he looked at me and smiled and whispered "I love you" then went back in his room.

What could be the meaning of my dream? I killed him basically. You are having doubts about him or something in your life. If your intuition is telling you that something is off, it may be. But, in your dream you overreacted, so make sure you don't do that in real life or it could end badly. Your dream may be telling you that you are too insecure or that it's time to sit down and have a talk with him.

On occasion I dream of being in love. And then I am randomly dumped for someone else leaving me heartbroken in the dream. These emotions are incredibly strong and remain after I awake. Any idea what is going on here? You are scared of falling in love, I would guess. Has that happened to you in the past? If not, it might just be your way of reminding yourself that you don't believe love can work out and it will always end in heartbreak. You may want to change your beliefs around dating, people you are attracted to, and love in general.

I had a dream where my ex was getting married. As he was asked to marry the girl he looked at me and refused to get married and walked away.

Everyone there looked at me as if I had the answers to all the questions and confusion at that time. Could just be your ego fantasizing about him not wanting to be with someone else and you knowing everything there is to know about what's going on in his mind and in his life. I had a dream about the person I love, he said he loves me too but we haven't been talking much and I get really jealous especially with his one girl.

In my dream he told me he didn't love me anymore because he loved her. I woke up afterwards in tears. Should I bring it up to him? Or am I just being paranoid? I would say that it's just your insecurity coming through. If you haven't been talking much, then you must be wondering what he's doing and that would show up in your dreams.

You could ask him if he loves her, but that could put another wedge in your relationship. I would focus more on him and you than him and other people. In other words, communicate about he feels about you. I had a dream that my boyfriend of one month made me fall asleep in his arms but then took my phone and wrote a love paragraph. What does a love paragraph mean to you? Does it indicate romance? I would say your relationship is heading in the right direction or at least you think it is.

Your dream likely means that you are feeling insecure, possibly in your relationship, but maybe in some other area of your life. I had a dream my crush told me that he loved me and wanted to have a baby with me, then I dreamt of his sister drowning in a shopping container in a pool, are they related? They may not be related. The drowning sister may be a symbol of something other than your crush.

I just had a dream where my ex's good friend and teammate told me that my ex is still in love with me, and that I need to go to him. I got to ask him all these questions, and he gives me advice. It felt so real.

I have been having weird feelings that I need to go to my ex in general. We never really ended, and I love him. What do you think I should do? You pretty much summed it up. You've had weird feelings that you need to go to your ex, so that is why you dreamt about him. He's on your mind. You are thinking about going to him.

Hence your dream. Dreams about playing soccer, especially those involving close friends or family, show a propensity towards manipulating those around you into doing things for you, most likely without their knowledge or awareness of the situation. The image of moving to a rooftop in a dream indicates you tend to hold your crush and yourself above others within your acquaintance, either based on education, talent or moral standards, and possibly rationalizes your use of those around you.

This feeling of being somewhat set apart from others is further illustrated in your brief period of separation from the rest of the group and your time spent alone with your crush. However this dream does come with a small warning. Should you continue to use others for your own gain without thought of their wants and needs, further endeavors to win his love exclusively may fall short or even fail.

Dreaming about dating someone in secret indicates some feelings of uneasiness or distress. Awkward romantic situations in a dream, such as becoming involved with someone you should not, predict doing things you are ethically or morally opposed to. This could mean illegal activities, but, in this case, it more likely points to something smaller, like lying to your friends, blaming someone else for your mistake, or even cheating on your boyfriend.

Hiding in a dream also represents trying to disguise or cover your tracks. However, the boldness of your secret lover's actions within the dream can be interpreted as a sign that the truth can not long be hidden from others. Dreaming that the woman you are in a relationship with is your twin suggests you need to spend more time loving and taking care of yourself. You might recently be putting in more time and effort at work which benefits others while ignoring aspects of your life.

You cannot only give of yourself to others. You must take time to recharge your batteries so that you can serve others wholeheartedly.

This dream vision about interacting with your crush seems to point out your shy personality, inability to approach people whom you find attractive or simply interesting enough.

You could be the type of person who spends most of the time fantasizing about initiating first contact with them, but never do in reality. The things you were focused on in this dream pertain more to you physical appearance or how, in your opinion, others perceive you, which could be the main aspects in your life preventing you from being more outgoing and sociable. Seeing yourself with unusual personality traits may actually point toward this dream being about someone else you know rather than yourself.

You may be trying to analyze this person's actions or figure out what makes them tick. Double booking yourself for a date also gives a clue as to the circumstances, namely that you have recently heard or spread some gossip about this person which is why they are on your mind. While this dream gives no hint as to the resolution of this situation, it might be wise to stay out of any rumors and let things run their course instead of adding fuel to the fire.

Dating a woman in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of having insecurities, especially romantic ones, in wake life. You may have difficulty talking to and meeting women or, if you are already in a relationship, there may be some issue that you want to broach but are unsure how to bring it up. In either case, learning that this woman is a quadruplet portends your concerns are only going to grow with time unless you do something proactive about it.

Dreaming about an apartment building has two meanings which are connected. The first is that you are a confident, skilled individual who is good at getting what they want. This means that you understand your value and do not let others disrespect or walk all over you. Knowing where you are going as you move through this building, then, has a second, special meaning, indicating that not just any door will do.

You need the right door and the right person behind it. The handsome stranger who was waiting for you, then, represents the positive energy in your life, the happiness you currently have, and the blessings you will continue to receive. Dreaming about a Muslim girl, in particular, is often thought to suggest excitement or passion in your life. Considering the relationship between the two of you, this could mean your subconscious is trying to show you there is more to your current situation in life, encouraging you to seek out opportunities outside your comfort zone.

The second half of the dream, seeing this girl cry and then visiting different clubs at school for support, predict that doing something different may rub some people the wrong way, but through open communication and understanding you should be able to convince those around you of the value of your endeavors.

Caring for someone in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of dual realities or being exposed to a completely different side of a person or people close to you. In this case, it is probably your crush seen literally in this vision.

Taking care of and helping a person for whatever reason also suggests that they maintain a certain image on the surface which affects how people perceive them. However, given your special role of a caretaker, you are able to see past the mask and know this person on a deeper, more intimate level.

A dream about riding a bike predicts sexual encounters which are going to be different from those you typically engage in. This dream vision depicts spontaneity in your approach during these future encounters. You intentions are merely to have fun with no serious thoughts or commitments. In addition, the friend you saw on the bike in the same dream may be an indication of their involvement or participation, even indirect, resulting in these activities.

Dreaming of exploring an older half-wrecked ship could point to soon having to deal with tedious and busy work. Time-consuming tasks may be assigned to you at your place of employment, which would leave you with no other option but to complete them. While this may not be what you were hoping to be doing at work, these too would be considered an important part of your job and should be done diligently and swiftly. Going on a date in the dream world alludes to your desire to get to know yourself better.

The boy is merely a projection of the suppressed parts or aspects of your personality. As such, being ignored by the boy in the dream likely points to your reluctance in confronting the more unsavory or darker sides of yourself. There could be something you choose to ignore or deny for fear of acknowledging the criticism or comments about your behavior which you often hear from your family and friends.

Dreaming about dating someone who is a stranger has negative connotations. It signifies that you would face certain circumstances which could cause much agitation and difficulties for you.

The notion of being distant and not too comfortable with this person's company further reinforces the negativity which would surround you. It portends that some of the relationships you establish could be fraught with lies and deceit. You might be forced to hide your involvement from others but would not be successful in doing so.

It would be helpful to stay away from any individuals who put your principles in jeopardy and cause you to regret the outcomes. Dreaming about writing marriage vows for the man you are currently dating mirrors your readiness to commit to him in reality. It also shows that you are envisioning a long and happy partnership with him. This could mean that your interactions with him thus far have brought you great satisfaction and that you are willing to take the next step, however, the idea of marriage itself might still be a way off yet.

Rather than looking at this vision literally, you should consider the marriage vows in a more abstract way as a long term commitment to your boyfriend. Dreaming about other people, especially if these characters are not someone you are quite familiar with, means you are trying to escape your own problems. In order to avoid confronting your own issues, your subconscious created these dramatic scenarios in the form of dreams to provide you some respite or even a sense of relief watching other people dealing with more serious issues than yourself.

If the characters are people you know in reality, then it is possible that they are out of reach or not that close to you. You feel like these people do not understand you, so they end up judging you before they actually get to know who you really are. Finally, the pregnancy at the end implies an upcoming encounter with these people which would allow you to gain deeper insights about them as regular individuals, and vice versa.

This vision seems to be an allusion to how you live your life currently or how you might hope to live your life in the future. This is because the image of an older woman driving a car could be a metaphor for a long life and traditional values. This does not necessarily mean conservative values though. It could refer to ideas such as "work before play" or "treat others how you want to be treated.

However, you should not worry about what others think. If this is the type of lifestyle that makes you happy and brings you satisfaction, it is surely the best path for you to follow. Dreams about an ex-lover are fairly common, especially when you have been in recent contact. It is not surprising that your mind has taken you back to those painful dreams in the wake of your rekindled relationship, even if it is only in the beginning stages. It should be noted, however, that painful, scary or sad dreams are not necessarily precursors to bad choices and broken hearts in wake life.

Rather, they are a reflection of the heart and what you have been through. In that sense, your vision is perhaps telling you to take things slow and carefully so that you do not end up hurt again. While he may be reformed and better behaved this time around, your soul needs time to heal from the past wounds it suffered. Dreaming that someone you have a romantic interest in is involved in shady deals or illicit activities reveals your reservations about her.

Do you dream several times with the same person?

Even though you could be attracted to her, the furtive exchange of money means you suspect she is hiding something embarrassing or is prone to some potentially obscene practices which would radically change your impression of her. At the same time, this dream symbol can be interpreted as a sign of timidity and apprehension on your part.

You lack the guts to make a move, so your subconscious is rationalizing this by representing her as someone crooked and framing her as someone who might not be good for you. The boy you dated in this vision is most likely the manifestation of the type of relationship you would like in reality. In essence, your dreams are bringing your fantasies to life in the form of this green-haired young man. In particular, the color of his hair suggests not only a strong desire for the closeness and affection shared in the vision but also a thoughtful, careful consideration of such a connection in reality.

While all this may seem like wishful thinking, dreaming about such a future often suggests you are putting out positive vibes, meaning your subconscious could be attempting to attract such an individual. In that case, you should have an open mind for potential suitors and be on the lookout for someone who could be the man of your dreams.

Look up. Dreams about dating Collapse all. Dating someone you know Dreaming about going on a date with someone you know in real life, and having a pleasant and enjoyable conversation with this person, is a good sign.

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