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If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Still Talks To Their Ex, This Is How To Deal With It

Sometimes it just takes time to get over that ex and realize that what you have now is way better, and sometimes you just need to be alone to sort through your decision alone. What sucks worse than being in the position of wondering about an ex, is being in the position of the new love interest with a girl that seems hung up on an old flame. Look for these 5 red flags, and if you seem to be checking them off one by one, it might be time to have an open and honest heart to heart about your new relationship and where it stands against an old one. If the ex happens to pop up in every conversation, there might be some underlying problems at hand; problems she might not even be fully conscious about or aware of. New relationships should be about learning about one another. Yes, exes and past relationships can help give insight into what you each want and would like to avoid in the future. But, those conversations should be short and simple, not a recurring topic.

I do yes. Not a nice thought - but at best they are "orbiters" she can pluck them into her orbit when she wants. The first week you split she cries. The second week she fucked everybody she wanted to while she was with you. Third week: She cries again for you. They are dangerous creatures. All hope is not gone. Guys are pretty damn insecure. I know if I ended it will my girl, in like 6 months we'd probably check up on each other, not fuck, just catch up.

It's hard to not want to know how the other person is doing when you're with them for so long, and were that significant to you. Originally Posted by swaggerr. Ok-Ok without flaming each other guys Why is she interacting with him? Why is he interacting with her? Are they digging up old wounds or are they just good friends who settled any diffrences and are completely grown up and indiffrent to each other? Did the guy play the game that well that he can handle talking to his EX?

If he did this will only make her more attractive to him. Ok just from my perosnal experiance it's hard to say "any past relationship were they still talk to each other is purely plutonic and indiffrent" we know women are not like that - hell- telling a woman you only want to be friends or whatever will only make her want you more.

And why does the guy want to know about her new 6ft'4 boyfriend with an amazingly large wang he charms her off her feet every time she sees him?

If your game is strong and you swept her off her feet and she is in "love with you" its fiar to say she wont stray. But if you are not pushing all her romance buttons and she is talking to the EX- you guessed it! Respectfully, Emsley. I cant beleive what ppl are saying! Dude, shes either fucking him or shes about to. How naive can you be!

Girl im dating still talks to ex

Why the fuck else would she be talking to him? He was her man for 4 freakin years AND she moved to another city for him!! What the hell do you think theyre talking about?!

I know this girl is still in that relationship mindset, I'd like to give her space while If you know she isn't completely over the ex, definitely proceed with If she wants to talk about it, listen and ask questions that show you care. Personally, when someone tells me they're still friendly with their ex, I can't help but be a little skeptical. I know not all breakups are dramatic. My girlfriend [21F] still talks to her ex boyfriend and it bothers me [21M] TL;DR My girlfriend is talking to her ex, despite telling me she would stop, and its making .. Shes a great girl otherwise and Im not knocking her language or anything.

The new ps3 game?! And the nerves on her to ACT suprised So yeah knowing she was comforting him when I really needed it the most kind of broke me down. Hello I have a question, my girlfriend I had been in jail for over a year now.

She gave me her passwords and permission to get pictures off of her social media accounts. Well recently someone left her a message after. It was from her ex, I asked him to not message her and to respect our relationship. He kept on saying to have call him when she can and if she is okay.

She's not completely over her ex, should I still pursue her?

I told him what does he not understand she is doing well with me, then he says if you can read this I got all your letters and call me if you need anything. So he then sends me a photo of the letters. I get a little hurt but, but here is the part that gets me. I looked at the dates of the envelopes because he laid them out like he was showing something off and there is no dates past July.

Is this something worth confronting or leaving alone. But I do feel she stopped talking to him for a reason back in July. Any advice? Thanks in advance. This depends on your relationship and how strong your relationship is with her. Chances are if she is still speaking to her ex, she may still have feelings for him and may go back to him if things turn south one day with you.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship and depending on what route you choose confronting her may be the most direct option. I found out that her and a friend who flirted with her and asked her out in the past were exchanging Snaps. I was told there was nothing inappropriate just friendly goofy pics. I asked for it to stop and was told it did.

Reluctantly that has stopped. Now I saw some Instagram direct messages with an ex. Again, nothing inappropriate but, I feel that using private messages on social media is a sneaky way of flirting and continuing to try and keep contact without me knowing.

Not sure what to do at this point. I have been dating this girl for 7months. She told me all about her exes but the one in her school keeps contacting her. She told me that he was this sad little boy that if she leaves him, it might break him finally but I pressured her to set her priorities which she probably did when she was at home. Now she is back in school and told me that that boy always wants to be around him and that he said he just wants to be friends now that he knows she has a boyfriend.

The boy probably still hopes to get back together with her.

However, she should set boundaries with the other guy to not get his hopes up either. Maybe not answer his texts all the time etc. Am confused now because she is begging and am hurt but I still like her a lot but am hurt that Shes done it again with this much magnitude and am having issue forgetting it this time plus what do I do.

You need to respect yourself and let her go. You deserve better! Seems like she will continue cheating every chance she gets.

Why put up with this? The sooner you end this, the sooner you will start your healing process. Been with my girlfriend 3 months, and she is still in regular contact with her ex of 5 yrs. He was physically and mentally abusive, and cheated on her a lot. Despite this, she still wanted to be with him until he eventually left her. This happened a year ago. I simply cannot understand this. Once because I was in the room when he called, an another because she did tell me she spoke to him but only because she was feeling guilty and had lied about a call being from someone else at the time.

On both these occassions I honestly felt uncomfortable and insecure, but did my best not to show it so as not to make her feel uncomfortable. However, this has now become a major issue in our relationship. Again, I never talk about their contact as I have no desire to, but she gets angry in unrelated discussions, brings up the topic, and then accuses me of constantly talking about it every time we see each other. Just looking for an independent opinion.

Hi John, save yourself the headache and end it with her. If she would really be interested in you, she would cut him out of her life. Hello please. I meet her and have bbrn with for like five months now. She said she broke up with her ex a year before now. But her ex keeps speaking with her on phone and on message.

She explained to me that he threatened to kill himself if he stop talking to her. We thought about it together. And agreed to make him feel better. But now she speaks with him often. Early in the morning and late at night. Even when we are about to eat or even have sexhe calls her and she picks and it all ends with I love you too in my presence. Everything about it turns me off. The whole thing just makes me fill uncomfortable about it.

He messages her on WhatsApp and she hides her phone from me making everything suspicious. She should not be the one to make him feel better. If he thinks about suicide, then he needs professional help.

Eventually, the ex would be even more devastated when she breaks off with him. If she hides her phone and being secretive, she might still have strong feelings for her ex.

She needs to figure out if she wants to date you or the ex. Im in a relationship with a girl that is in the middle of a divorce she tells me she loves him but not the way she loves me but she tells him everthing before me and i truelly love this girl but simetimes idk what her intentions are we have been togeather almost 3 months she told me she is pregnate after a month of being with her but she will nit take the pregnacy test i bought because she says her dad gave her one so she dont need it everytime a doctors appointment comes up something happens and we dont go i really feel like im being used sometime but i really dont know.

I think she still has feelings for her ex, The guilt part is just an excuse. She is still in his house and sharing a bed with him. If I were you, I would move on and find a healthier relationship. My girlfriend for more than 7 years now had a recent communication with her ex-boyfriend. I only figured out this when accidentally saw the messenger conversion from her sister and her boyfriend sounds weird right?!

Sometimes it just takes time to get over that ex and realize that what you have now is way better, and sometimes you just need to She's still friends with her ex *. All Women's Talk has some excellent indicators your girlfriend is still feeling something viable toward her ex. Maybe she just never got closure?. Not every woman talking to her ex-boyfriend is going to be doing it innocently. I am dealing with a jealous fiance because my ex and I are involed in a .. She told him she is a single mom, who is still looking for a potential.

So, I immediately confronted my girlfriend over the phone call and text and telling to her for what I feel. Hi my gf still tiling to his ex and have some sympathy for Hinckley as he is in jail and start taking drugs. So she told me she trying to stop him and they Dnt have anything between them.

But her ex Dnt know she is in committed relationship with me and we love each other so much ,she tells me everything whatever she talk but I feel so uncomfortable and jealous but another way she is worried about him in a good way.

Please suggest what should I do. She talk with him everyday and trying to move him I ne from drugs but not telling him truth as she is in relationship. My new girlfriend is going on a holiday that she originally planned with her Ex. She said that they will meet up as she originally planned the holiday with him and she wants to still be friends. The last day she has been quite distant not messaging me much and taking long times to respond to my messages.

I just found out that my GF of 1 year is bein contacted by her ex. The way i found out was strange. I was sitting next to her and she was on her phone the so we can watch check the weather in a city we are planning to go to. When she pressed on google I found out the she searched a social network of a guy. I asked her who this guy is she said he is a friend and we worked together and he emailed me about some work issues.

I went to facebook even though I dont Usually use it only to find out that they actually been dating in the past. She told me that she blocked or her exes same as I did.

But not I found this out and I am confused about the situation. But I am worried cause she wasnt upfront with it especially when I asked her. I never known about this friend for a whole year of dating her. Please advice me what should I do? Hi, I need a lil advice. But guess what? She keeps telling me soon. One Day, she promised to come see me and all of a sudden she was just like sth came up that she had to travel that when she comes back she will explain. She got back to Enugu but never told me.

All she did was to go to stay with a friend not minding what she had told me and how she left. And this is a girl whom whenever I call her, she dont pick my calls till whenever she feels like talking to me she calls. I have always warned her about it but she keeps repeating the same thing.

With what i have seem with girls, I made up my mind never to have anything with a girl since till date when she came along I felt I should give love another chance but this is what I get in return.

What do I do pls? One via WhatsApp and the other via calls. She claims she loves me very much and does not want to lose me She communicates with the one in Italy which she communicates with daily on chat and deletes it afterwards even though she said she has watered down the conversation and does not talk about anything emotional with him.

She receives his calls in my presence in the daytime but I feel they talk about more when I am not there. She has been good to me and she really supported me when I lost my previous job. I have an ex who used to call me regularly too but because we were into something serious I put that lady off.

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So as we're heading back to the dorms, she says she has to go help her ex with some studying for a test 'tomorrow'. So we're about to go to sleep and I confronted her about it. I said 'dont take this the wrong way but, are you still seeing your ex in any way? I said "well I'm curious cause I don't want to be wasting my time, you guys text eachother a lot and it seems as though something is up.

It's bothering the sht outta me. I really like this chick and I know she really likes me, but when im spending time with her and I hear his text tone going off from texting her, it pisses me off. He broke up with her a while ago. Never Getting Married, Crew. I wouldn't say you have to back out Use some sense If that's coming from someone else New website BROvotional swolybible. I wouldnt feel comftorable with that. This girl has some heavy baggage.

Originally Posted by LostOne It's definitely a red flag IMO. Take heed now, or suffer the consequences later. Originally Posted by bdaswat. Hell no man I'd get out to be honest. She wants him She's probably trying to get him back. Got frustrated trying to figure out what "eating clean" even means, so I just had a burrito.

Thanks for the replies guys. I'm going to confront her again today and see what the hell is going on with her and her ex. Originally Posted by Roasted.

So my girl (been dating for months, exclusive) tells me she still talks but I am more important to her than the ex (mmmhmm) and she'll act. I said 'dont take this the wrong way but, are you still seeing your ex in any I really like this chick and I know she really likes me, but when im. If you believe your girlfriend is still smitten by her ex or is having second thoughts about getting back with him, talk about it with your girlfriend. You don't need to.

Proceed with this girl but don't get too emotionally invested too quick because you should know that this could BLOW up any minute.

Take it slow and if in months from now she is still secretive about her communication with her ex than demand an explanation or just end it. Originally Posted by shaftoe.

I'm not going to wait that long. Thats a waste of time man. I mean you're right about everything else though But over all we are already pretty open with eachother, so Im gonna confront her again about it later this evening and see what is said. Yeah I hear you. Thing is though, shes with me Alot And whenever she tells me about him or there past it seems truthfull. She even said that he was a player when they got together and they just argued too much and thats why they broke up. It's just really strange that she is still going over there and hanging out with him.

It's starting to really bug me. What would yall ask to clear it up? She didn't even date him for that long.

And she told me they're friends now nothing more. They just don't work out whatsoever they fight way too much. How am I the speed bump? Haha, Guys I know it's only been 9 damn days, I'm not stupid.

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