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Looking for someone to cuddle up with and watch your favorite tv show with? Want to find someone you can call up in the middle of the night to let out your feels? Welcome to Fandom Dating, your one stop for geeks looking for romantic relationships. The pages below are filled with people looking for relationships. Send us an ask if you want a fandom added to our list or if you need your post changed or deleted. If you find a romantic relationship or just a new best friend on this website please let me know in an ask! We'd love to feature your successful relationship on this blog on this tag!

This is a doozie. Have you tried using one of the apps targeted to those in the kink community such as Whiplr? This is the dress that had me offered a threesome last night by a tennis coach from Fulham. Your daughter sounds fabulous. Ask her about her achievements at work, or in other aspects of her life, and encourage other family members to do the same. Good post date chat. Peak Mansplaining. The little things Legit just want to be in a countryside hotel, with a fireplace, a roll top bath, some gorgeous lingerie in my bag, beside a man I really fancy, only leaving for a walk wrapped up in layers of jumpers and scarfs, and bottle of red in a proper cosy dark pub with the windows steamed up.

Whilst his behaviour is undoubtedly unacceptable, her reaction is totally uncalled for. During messaging? First date? Just before sleeping together the first time? You feel my pain? The dress that got me offered a threesome This is the dress that had me offered a threesome last night by a tennis coach from Fulham. Him: do you want to have a threesome? Me: are you asking on behalf of your handsome friend over there? Him: no. Sexuality: Gay, I only date men. Also nerds and hopeless romantics.

Hi, my name is Alex but i go by Gus. I am 19, will be 20 in a few weeks. Im 5'10" and i live in St. Augustine FL. Im a big Star Wars nut and did i say i was a gamer? Cuz i am one. I am looking for a relationship, i am straight.

My snapchat is gunnarmaster15 and my kik is gusbus Look forward to chatting with you! Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, panromantic meaning if you are trans,nonbinary,etc. Blue eyes, white and kinda pale, half shaved hair and the non-shaved side is currently bleached out. I am into anime, video games, cosplaying, art, and a bunch of other stuff. I am currently a college student who is also working so I get busy sometimes.

I love cuddles! You have your way of life and I have mine.

A Winner of the Tumblr Year in Review for Dating Blogs. Looking for someone to cuddle up with and watch your favorite tv show with? Want to find. A little Tumblr blog about dating, relationships, sex and other random stuff. It's been 2 years since that night you slept over. 2 years since you nervously kissed me for the first time and 2 years since you asked me to be yours. Chelsea .

Getting in shape, going on a keto diet so I can hate life more. I can beat Donkey Kong Country without a game over. I can make decent sub sandwiches and great sandwich wraps.

I lived down the road from the bar we were at and so I invited him back to share in the dregs of my red wine from the night before. After all, I invited him back to mine. That was a bit of a spoiler alert, but I will soldier on. We hung out at mine, me drinking, him watching not creepy, I swearand us chatting.

I had a really positive feeling for the first time in maybe a few weeks. We started making out — nice — but once it was clear he was heading further down the road, I put the brakes on. He seemed accepting of this and I thought we could just continue hanging out for a little longer.

At this point I went to the loo. There was no uncertainty about that in my mind but oh well. I messaged him not long after he left, conveying how cheap that made me feel.

He was apologetic, stating he felt bad as soon as he left. A few weeks later I was feeling, once again, lonely and regretful. I had a brief moment of weakness in considering I had perhaps been too hasty in giving J the flick. External image. I am saddened by how many men and women complain about the difficulties they have enjoying a successful dating life.

Both sexes must learn how to open up and talk to each other without initial harsh judgment or sabotage due to their own subconscious insecurities. View On WordPress. Telling people your story and making them see your point of view will not change things.

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There is no vote- just facts. The future is scary and there is no guarantee that if you keep trying to remind another person of what you had, that they will actually remember. Things end. Even good things can end. So today, be good to yourself. Invest in yourself; Not just for tomorrow- but for today too. You were with that person because you felt good, you felt like what they gave you was exactly what you finally deserved.

Things are different now. It is not what it was.

This is a blog for anyone and everyone to submit their lovely faces, and find others like them, make friends, and possibly more. Submissions without urls or.

The only person who can pick up the pieces and make you whole and make you move forward is yourself. Bad things happening are inevitable- but so are good things. You will find your happiness again one day. I am absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, a version of that girl, and it can be exhausting.

Hearing from Mr. Technical that I was needy really made me second guess myself. Am I really demanding too much? Am I asking for unreasonable things? Am I broken? Am I crazy? So stop. Could he be asking the same things of you? Would you be jarred if he made the same request? Would you hesitate to ask the same thing of a friend? If the answer to these questions is yes, then maybe you are asking too much of him.

Men boys… who can understand them?! Back to the issue at hand…. I was asking for him to share my life with me. I was asking him to commit to me. I was not asking for him to pay my bills. I was not asking for him to stop being friends with other women. I was not asking him to spend every waking moment with me. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with recognizing and expressing your needs to a man that you are dating.

In fact, in my opinion, there is everything right about it. And being on the same page is something that every relationship requires. If you need a sign to to not do something or to have the courage to move forward, let this be it.

Whatever is going on, remember that you are stronger than you think and you are an amazing human being. The 21 st century is about female empowerment and male enlightenment, to grossly generalise. There is an increased discussion around consent, appreciation for how frequently females feel unsafe, and more cracks are appearing in the glass ceiling.

My male friends would never deign to assume they know more about a subject than me even in those they are actually educated in and use any conversation as an opportunity for actual dialogue.

Since you are new to online dating and dating in general, you should probably read every single post on this blog. If you don't have the time to. This is a new dating blog I created, similar to the many LGBT dating blogs there are out I hope this blog will become as famous as my other blog lgbtdatingblog. Hello and welcome to our blog, thank you for taking the time to peruse it; in case you were wondering, this blog's purpose is to serve as a safe.

Or for whom how busy or stressed they are is a competition. I have like The most infuriating instance was a fella I went on a few dates with. S had and continues to have a prolific job in the spirit industry in Sydney. I worked in hospitality for just under ten years and managed a pub in that time. I like my grog. I know about my grog. When that commonality was established I was joyous.

Great common ground that can be enjoyed both conversationally and empirically. I agreed to a second date solely because maybe he was nervous and compensated by talking too much. I have definitely been guilty of that. To his credit he asked me a few more questions about myself this time around but the answers I provided were still used as a springboard which he used to leap back into his cesspit of self-indulgence.

Those were strong words. So why did I meet up with him again? I was home alone on a baby free Sunday night and he messaged asking if we could hang out. I agreed. Within ten minutes of his arrival I regretted sharing my pizza and wine with him. I have a hot temper.

I have improved in keeping it under control in recent years but when it explodes it can be epic. The tipping point was when we were exchanging… sorry, rewrite. The tipping point was when he was performing a monologue detailing his dating horror stories. I decided to share the previously posted ultimate horror story. It never fails to fully beguile its audience. Not S. He interrupted about three times in the first few minutes, and the tipping point was when the interruption was to read a text from a friend about a crappy reality TV show.

I let him have it. I told him everything there was wrong with his personality. It felt amazing. He just stood there and took it like a hurt puppy dog. He sheepishly exited in an Uber and phoned me half an hour later. He acknowledged the veracity of my claims and promised to do better. I went over to his place that same night. His conviction did not last long whatsoever.

So neither did I, and I joyfully enjoyed my pizza leftovers solo. Man, sometimes it is so hard. Your feelings cloud your judgement. If it gets to the point that your relationship is more work than fun, more exhausting than energizing, and more arguing than sex, you gotta listen to your gut.

And it is so hard! Your gut is the first part of your body to realize that the relationship is not right. You start to know deep down that your relationship is over, but you can override that with your head and your heart. You feel it, you know it. I know I need to get out of this. Everyone is an idiot when it comes to love. I know, sad right?

Listen to your gut and save yourself the time, trouble and pain. He came over for hair of the dog beers and we hung out for about five hours.

This is my new blog! The purpose is to be a dating service for LGBT people of tumblr or people with different or no gender identities. What you. Hey, love the blog and I was wondering if you could provide a woman's perspective on something for me. On all my dating profiles, I make. Click the face icon in the phone to submit. Click the compass to narrow down your search options on the blog. Welcome to LGBT dating blog!.

Conversation flowed. He was so super attractive. His body was exceptional. His sense of humour black and twisted like mine. He ticked very single box and then added some more to tick. We organised to go out properly the following Saturday and I organised my sister to babysit. I was looking forward to it all week. We spoke in the days leading up to it. On Friday, he messaged to tell me that his ex had got back in contact and he needed the weekend to clear his head and digest it all.

Well fuck. I was super disappointed and had no qualms in telling him this. He was super apologetic.

Tumblr dating blogs

He conceded I was right. The options were continuing this with the potential for something further, or nothing at all. One Friday night, about four weeks later, I had one glass of red wine too many, and was ruminating on my loneliness. Predictably I messaged T. He responded quickly and soon enough we were right back in that same situation. He admitted he had thought about messaging me many times but wanted to respect my decision.

We started hanging out again. Every time was better than the last. I caught the dreaded feelings. We saw each other nearly every Sunday and spoke nearly every day. Once again, I was so hopeful that something would click in him that would override his reluctance to commit.

I even ran into him one Saturday morning while C and I were heading out. I was so sleep deprived, make up free and probably looked a shocker. This was his first interaction with C and after a brief chat, as we walked away, I feared that him seeing C in the flesh and realising the kid factor was real, that that would be it.

It was business as usual. That was so encouraging to me. I resolved to determine our exact situation that night. However, I had worked myself up to the courage to have this conversation with him that day so I resolved to do so anyway. Everyone knows text discussions of serious topics go super well right? It was a long chat. It can be summarised by my saying that I was starting to develop feelings and needed finality so to speak.

That marked yet another resolution to get off the dating apps. I gave it to him, waited a little while so I knew he definitely had it, and then deleted the app.

I drank a bottle of wine that night and cried and felt angry. And for the following month I was once again hoping my absence would prompt him to realise there was more he wanted. Maybe he truly was soul searching.

Either way, that all ended about eight weeks ago and when I think about T I still feel sad and disappointed, and miss the Sunday sessions we had.

I may have attached such significance to him because he was the first real connection I have felt with someone since even before C was born. And that pain of that loss is amplified in the current absence of anything at all. I came up with it while watching Hercules bah ha ha ha.

I am tired of wondering what other people will think of me, which was the point of being anonymous when I first started this blog. If I want to post a picture of boobs, I should.

If I want to post excessive things from the movie I just watched or the book I just read, I should! I made this blog for me, and it is mine. And with that, enjoy some Steam Powered Giraffe spam. I do what I want! When we start a conversation, we all have a goal in mind. A lot of people just talk and talk and talk, skirting around their questions they want to ask and the answers they need.

You only want hookups? Say that. Why dance around it? Ask the questions that need to be asked to get the answers you need to hear. Yeah, no one wants that.

After all, no one likes their time wasted. His hands felt a lot like the bath water- they almost burned when they first touched my body, but the longer I submerged myself into them the better it felt. I noticed the lighting of the bathroom perfectly flicker against the silhouette of his body as I let myself sink into the water. My back gently fell against his chest. He sat his backside against the wall of the tub, so we both could perfectly fit into our own little ceramic heaven.

I sank my body against his, ready to carefully take every second of this moment in. I could hear him smile. He wet the loofah to the right of him, and filled it with my favorite lavender soap.

The suds overflowed onto the front of my body. He gently scrubbed my front side, starting from my collar bone. I closed my eyes and focused on his breath on my neck. He kissed the back of my shoulder. His hands disappeared under the water, and I heard the drop of the loofah.

I paused, anticipating one last body part to be claimed. I waited, patiently looking forward to the touch of his hands on the inside of my upper thigh. Instead, I felt the gentle nudge of his pointer finger turn my head around so I could see his wide green eyes and wet amber-colored hair.

He took his two hands upon my cheeks and pressed his lips against mine. He pulled away and softly spoke:. My heart jumped. No- it leaped. I wondered how long I could stay in this perfectly drawn bath before my body would turn wrinkly and ugly. I glanced to the right and noticed the clock on the wall. I scurried to the towel rack, wrapping myself up and trying to find the clothes I earlier tore off of my body.

I finally found it and fit it over my head. As my eyes opened, I noticed Parker standing a few feet in front of me. He was still a little wet, so his beard looked more red than normal. His scruff went down to his neck, where his perfectly exaggerated collar bone popped, glistening with the bit of bubble he missed when he dried off. He only had a towel on, tied onto his hip.

I took the brief moment to analyze his body. Parker was only a tad skinny, but it was the type of skinny in which it accentuated every muscle in his body. I could use my finger to trace each muscle group, viewing every line, every connection, and every flaw. I loved each one. He walked the rest of the distance between us, and wrapped his arms around my body.

Why Tumblr sucks ep. 17 : Incest

He rested his chin onto the top of my noggin. I pushed his body away from mine and slowly walked backwards. And he just stood there, looking at me. He just stood there and loved me from across the living room. I would been 18 in a few months. I would have loved him. I could have. I journeyed to his bedroom and looked for the rest of my belongings. I walked passed him in the living room as I made my way to the front door. I stopped into the entryway, facing the exit.

In a just a towel, his amber hair still wet, on one knee, with a small jewelry box in his hand. Through all your phases. Through all the super hero movies. Through all our pointless fights. Through the bad arguments with your Dad. Through your issues with your Mom. I could love you through that. Through all the uncertainties, I will love you. I can, and I will. I wish I could look back and tell you what I was thinking in that moment. Some profound explanation as to why, as a seventeen year old girl who loved Disney Princesses and happy endings, who had a gaurenteed one of her own right in front of her, said what she said.

I just, spoke. He stayed knelt down for a second. He sniffed once and then finally stood, wiping the last of the dripping water from his head. He looked down and shut the box. And opened his mouth only to speak:. The doorman looked at my ID and then looked down at me.

I smiled the same way I do in my picture, like I do every time he makes this look at me. Leanne was stuck in Denver and though my heart yearned for my best friend, I took shots in her remembrance. Naomi was the most underrated women I knew: Sharp as a whip but still knew how to have a good time.

She was ready for anything- at all times. Seriously, she drank like a sexy-dressed fish. That sexy sounds familiar. I slowly turned around and there he was: Mr. His jaw was topped with a growing beard that reminded me a sexy lumberjack- if sexy lumberjacks were huge ass holes that never called like they said they would. Before I could say no, there I sat. I broke the silence, finally feeling the sudden liquid courage the girls and I had pre-gamed earlier. Thank you. Thank you for enlightening me on my greatness.

My freshly squatted ass. What else is great? My skin cleared up. I lost ten pounds. Go back to your new girl who looks just like me. He turned around to walk away, and I puffed up my chest like I somehow just saved Gotham in a tight black suit and a raspy voice. Your turn. Should help with the hangover. Now get the fuck out of my car.

I slammed his door as he drove away. I stood on the sidewalk and took the cold night air in. I wondered where everyone in the world was New Years Night. Did they kiss the one they loved?

Did they kiss a stranger? One foot in front of the other, and there I was at the door step. Who is it? There was a brief moment of silence… Until I threw up in the bushes next to the front stoop. Do you remember, Dear, the day you left me? The weather had not yet turned in Boston and I sat on your knee in my puffy winter jacket wishing for five more minutes with you under the warm covers instead of sitting on a concrete bench in the persistent New England winter.

Hooking my chin across your shoulder, your arms encircled my waist and I opened my eyes as wide as I could to let the scenery pour in. I wanted to remember this moment forever, the smell of the crisp air, the arching dome of the Christian Science Center, the thrum of traffic on Massachusetts Avenue.

My eyes began to tear and I told myself it was because of the wind and not because you were leaving. I pressed my face into the scar on your neck and you mumbled something about my cold nose and that things would be okay.

Far too soon you were ushered off to the airport and I was left chasing your shadow around the city. I would glimpse your silhouette from the corner of my eye and dash madly through traffic. But when I turned the corner there was only the silent reflecting pool and a handful of pigeons leering warily as I stood there, trying to catch my breath. Do you remember, Dear, the day I left you?

It was a hot, sun-bleached day in LA.

The asphalt shimmered in the heat giving a surreal quality to the very real fact that I was leaving. I was inappropriately giddy as you helped pack my car and you were nonchalantly cavalier, which I now recognize as resignation to our failed attempt at resuscitating our relationship. It was not the first move that killed us but the second, where you chose them over me.

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