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Streamstation-Streamsmart set up instructions!

I get asked all the time about my opinion on different Android boxes. To be honest, most of them are fairly generic boxes that have trouble standing out in a crowd. Update January StreamSmart. What happened? Check out the comments on that article to see what he said. A ton of people love them and I think they have a place in the industry.

We can even auto-update your software file without needing you to do anything but turn on the box and open StreamSmart. Third, we have a security-enabled wizard that will only function with our physical motherboard, our proprietary firmware, and our custom version of streaming software.

StreamSmart has negotiated contracts with premium streaming providers so we can pre-load the boxes with pre-paid access to selected channels. Here are more items that distinguish StreamSmart from the pack:. StreamSmart boxes essentially make the entire internet your personal DVR. If the content is hosted on the internet anywhere, the StreamSmart box will likely have access to it.

The after-the-sale support is handled either by forum, Facebook group or via email. I will say that the response time on their official Facebook group is evidently very quick. The first is from January 2nd,and then the other two from December 15th and December 27th, I guess it was a slow news-year at StreamSmart. The lack of live, personal support is a big strike against StreamSmart. Arguably the main benefit to buying a StreamSmart box is the lifetime subscription to ChannelUp.

What is ChannelUp. In theory, you can get pay-per-view and premium channels as part of your subscription cost. What I will do though, is show why — even with a lifetime subscription to ChannelUp. The image below is taken from ChannelUp. I will give them credit for offering a bunch of different ways to sign up with the service.

You can have a 24 hour trial or choose to pay monthly, semi-annually, annually or even a one-time payment for lifetime access.

The ChannelUp. StreamSmart goes out of their way to make it difficult to use anyone but their authorized resellers more on that in a minute.

If you happened to buy your device on eBay or Amazon and suddenly find yourself with a very expensive paperweight, StreamSmart will be happy to sell you another one of their devices with a small discount.

I cannot put into words how disgusted I am by this. If you are a manufacturer of a product, then you have the obligation to support your product no matter where it was purchased from. There are only a couple of references to the StreamSmart box on Kodi. This sort of practice pisses Kodi developers and the Open Source community off no end.

StreamSmart are freeloaders, actually stealing other people hard work unless they show us this modified Kodi code.

This is nothing more than an Illegal Scam Pirate Box, sold at a ridiculously inflated price to fool Mums and Dads and Joe public into thinking its legit.

There was nothing that I could see that would show any benchmark tests or experiences using the product other than basic interface. Many of the review sites just starting out purchase their own products for review. More established reviewers will likely put the box through rigorous testing and that will be bad press for the company. I put out a list of what I think are the best Android boxes on the market. Have you used a StreamSmart box?

What do you think? Tell me about it in the comments below! Hi Steven. Just tell your friends and spread the word. Excellent web based support via Facebook.

If it was not for StreamSmart most of these people would not be able to enjoy streaming. The streamsmart is the best. I watch live TVs sports movies and tv shows with no problems.

Streamsmart Wizard Unwizard update Setup stream station ST1 first run

I used android boxes it was a headache adding just came for a week and gone. It was not reliable.

Get a clue. Just about every channel. Not to mention VOD. Try in the hundreds of thousands. Convert that to dollars and well… Lets just say somewhere in the neighborhood of a cool half million per month.

I have to say this shit is good to go. Took it with me on vacation. Hotel only limits what you can watch,but not with the streamsmart. Very happy with this machine. Ive tried stick and roku. Hands down this shit is as good as the hu days except it Do it get hit. I have one. Its cheap…we all know you get what you pay for. I wish it was cheaper of course but if ps5came out tomorrow,Sony would do the same. Big ass scam!! Gonna expose them every chance I get.

Its so not worth it if it is illegal. I did watch a few ppv fights for free and that does make the money back. I am retiring it to the store. They should be jailed for steeling copyrighted material. You are right they told me it was legal. That there were no laws to prevent us from watching pay per view. Its says right on the pay per view that there are many laws. So I am done. Streaming is literally downloading, displaying, and discarding, in that order.

Any box can have these features with an iptv or real debrid subscription. Any box CAN. Mom has had one now since February Remember, these boxes are for non techy people. Betcha every single person on here can figure out how to build their own KODI box. No thanks. I have my own life to live.

Maybe you do. Your paying for customer service also. It be phone or in home service. This author is is seeing it from his view alone.

Not everyone knows exactly what to do with a basic Android box. They make it easy for us all. You have a problem or need help. Contact them or the person you bought the box from and get direct help. If you ask me the author is throwing a hissy fit because he missed the band wagon. Sorry you had the lack of information which obviously made streamsmart look bad.

This box runs just about as fast as all of them because if the premium links for one. They respond and process the info almost instantly. Just to let you know, I do my research before I dive into something — even responding to a comment. First of all.

Third…I can tell just by looking at your recent history that Android boxes is obviously just another get rich quick thing for you. The people who run those services will close up shop at the first sign of trouble, taking your hard earned money with them. Noone tucked their tail. My comment has already gotten me more business. Just like the guy that said something about zoomtak below. Then what???? Take a gamble on 1 IPTV service and pray it continues to work and spend 10 to 15 bucks per month.

And to Tim!! I like how you looked thru my you tube videos to determine you know me. Started with zoomtak and mx boxes. What you see on YouTube is a glimpse of my business endeavors. My trucking company alone probably dwarfs what most on here do. Have a great day as well. I have an office and have challenged many other box sellers and not one to this day has been able to show me something better than the programming and content provided on these.

If your paid services are so good, why do you need eight of them? Unfortunately I fell into purchasing a StreamSmart Pro. Worked flawless for the first 2 or 3 weeks. A live service chat bubble was taken down today and emailing them is worthless.

What a classic joke. Streamsmart must have really made you mad…lol. Charles I have a stream smart pro box and love it,however you can do better than lie to get your point across you do use channel up. I put plenty of great info out to clear his false information on these devices and not one time has a comment been left posted. What a joke. You obviously ran a test on an older streamsmart device. Is ChannelUp the only premium addon you are using to reference StreamSmart?

Channel Up once was the go to addon but no longer…StreamSmart has added some fantastic addons recently…. The Need help!!!!! On the topic of buying this item thru eBay. I bought 3 boxes from local distributor for xmas gifts. Only needed 2, so sold 1 brand new on eBay.

Buyer says eBay shuts off box. Reached out to spencer troth. Just keeps saying refund customer. Then let him know. I am NOT a distributor! There is 1 distributor on eBay. My question is does troth pay a few people to buy on eBay from anyone but his seller. Buyer buys box, gives him serial number on box, he deactivates? He is strongly advising refund the buyer.

But refuses to give a remedy if the box will be refunded? There would have been no way for troth to get serial number unless the buyer gave it. However once u give him the info, troth offers he will give u a new box with discount … for …. To the person with the box from ebay.

I can help you as I know these boxes inside and out. Solving your problem is simple. Send me an email. First of all, Kat-Tv is just a rebrand of the StreamSmart box and StreamSmart was around way before someone put the money up to start Kat-tv. You are not alone in the group of people that refuse to watch the tutorial videos or learn the very basics of the box.

Click OK on your remote. Then run the wizard and all your addons will be back. This is the very basic operation of the box. If you dont know the very basics, then you should not be complaining. Either way, there is nothing wrong with the box aside from what was said in this article.

Well…maybe we are dumb but bought 3 of the boxes from a distributor. Had a question and needed support and the guy at the support number we were given answered within the first few rings and answered our question.

Maybe it depends on who you buy from? I am one of the unfortunate people who bought a StreamSmart S4 on Amazon. It worked great for a couple of weeks, and then it was turned off by Streamsmart. I was told to return it to Amazon for a refund, but I missed the return window. Now I have a worthless box. My question is this: Can I download Kodi onto the box, and if so, how.

I have tried to do this at Kodi. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. How and why would StreamSmart turn off your box? You turn it on and it always works!!! Their website is down and has been for weeks. No matter what, for a company to deliberately brick boxes that were bought from third party sellers is shady at best, and criminal at worst.

If you have a business, you have a responsibility to your customers — no matter how they bought the product. Safer just to buy a box and subscriptions separately. There are many better devices. Most of the apps are free.

This is all new to me. I have this box in every room in my house and do not have to pay for cable anymore.

You can get box for cheaper if you find a reseller. I can see that you are very passionate about how unfair the price is on this box.

Do you own one? I own 3. I got a build, side loaded it after countless hours of trying to figure out how after all, not everyone knows what you knowonly to have a glitchy experience at best. Did more research, and found my way to a s 4k MXQ box thinking that all I needed was a little horsepower to make things work.

Don’t Buy This Box! StreamSmart S4 and PRO

Worked a little bit better than the firestick, but not much. Finally I got a StreamSmart. Spoke to a local reseller, cut a deal for less than the listed price apparently the website price is high to push people to local sellers for support and promotions and have never looked back. Whenever I have needed help, I simply go to their facebook group and ask.

Someone always answers within minutes and my issue gets solved. To me, all 3 units have paid for themselves several times over. I like being able to come home and just turn it one and it works, unlike ALL of your examples and my previous attempts.

I like have the home screen laid out for me so I can simply navigate to what I want to watch. Which is basically your writing. You are obviously entitled to your opinion, and on the surface I can see how you would feel the way you do. But judging from what you have written, it is obvious that you have not actually used the box or else you would probably be singing its praises like I do. Temporary or not, I choose my StreamSmart 10 times out of I have to agree with you. I bought one on a whim from a reseller.

I grilled the guy about the processor, network speed, memory, connectivity and tv options. I did this in front of a very large crowd of interested buyers at a local retail show where I bought it. I wondered about its legality and even call Cox cable and asked about the Kodi box because to me getting something for nothing seems dubious.

I first subscribed to Sling. TV at the beginning. Enters Streamsmart. My reasoning was that if I could get the 4 premium tier channels I had with Cox the box would pay for itself in 60 days.

I have now had the box for 4 months. As far as I am concerned the access I have to the channels I want and movies has paid for itself twice over and continues to do so. I am happy with it. Are there down sides to this, sure. Sometimes there is buffering and timeouts but I just switch to a new source and continue on. You definitely need to have some knowledge and experience with computers, electronics and internet to have a good experience.

Once set up right it works great. I can even use DNLA and mirroring from my home network to the device and watch my media collection on tv. Yes, the upfront cost is expensive but I believe what you get in return is well worth it. Will it be around a year from now? The access to high speed dedicated servers is well worth it.

As for the detractor sall I keep hearing and reading about is how expensive it is. IF they could do it better and cheaper, knock yourself out and show the rest of us how to get the same service we get with a Streamsmart faster, cheaper and better. I am willing to convert if they can do that.

In the meantime I will stick with the Streamsmart. It works and gives me exactly what I want and it has paid for itself in a short amount of time. The reviews on I read on Amazon have been mixed. They have phone customer service in the US. What premium paid addons does the Streamsmart come with? Does it have a tv guide? You can, or you can get one of the dozens of Kodi Builds out there which give you access to a lot of the content that StreamSmart wants you to pay for.

When I have a question I get an immediate response either from the FaceBook page or the seller. I need no other subscriptions nor need to pay any additional money. Streamsmart is far and above the best straming box out there! Were on android 7. Nice try!!! As to the initial posters question… depends. They will build your own custom box, with your own custom logo, with your own customized Kodi media playerand they will warranty your box for one year.

How hard is it to pick up the phone or go online and place an order or ask a question to the supplier? Think StreamSmart or any other premium box for that matter has a group of guys sitting in cubicles who are constantly checking connections? Want to add some new features?

Streamsmart hook up

Seriously… it is that easy and there are plenty of websites that put you in direct contact with manufacturers. It is because they are taking it to the next level and not in a good way.

They are turning it into a multi-level marketing scam… buy our box and if you like it, you can sell our box… become a reseller today!

They are trying to become the Amway, Mary-Kay, Zrii of the new millennium. I bought the S4 box a few months ago. It really works well and I have no complaints about the box.

I am new to android boxes and was blown away at the different types of boxes that are out there. I have learned that the StreamSmart boxes are definitely overpriced.

Cheat Sheets Each box comes with two (2) cheat sheets to get you set up and moving so you can start using your box immediately. The competition sends you . The StreamSmart Box is a powerful multimedia hub, utilizing the content from the AFTER BOOT UP FOLLOW THE WIZARD: Set correct date and time.

I am in the market for getting another box. I have researched and found that the SkyStream One box is much better than my S4 and is much cheaper in price. It also has 4K capabilities that the S4 does not. Thanks, Tim for the information. I also want to add to my last comment that I like the automatic updates to Kodi, warranties and the customer service option.

I have both the Skystream and the Streamsmart. The Skystream is more user friendly but I prefer the Smartstream. Its a better box. I threw two out and gave the rest away. You get what you pay for. I paid far less than suggested retail. Do your research. So what are the most recommended streaming devices?

Hey guys. I just hope to shed some light. Ignorant is the first word that comes to mind. I am in the business and sell Digixstreams. Streamsmart is a rebadged Digixstream.

Digixstream has the box manufactured and branded for SS. Same boxes, same manufacturer. While the specs may be the same as many other Android boxes, these boxes are actually made very well. Truly solid, high quality hardware and very good custom firmware with regular OTA updates.

This is not just a box with paid sub content. Yes it seems overpriced, but it is really? There are at least 5 serious premium additions that provide a ridiculous amount of HD content.

Lets do the math assuming there are only 5 sources of premium content. I know because I have it. For the record they look to be down as of a few days ago, but they have been running strong for over 2 years. Everything after that is gravy. Furthermore, the Distributors are happy and motivated because they have something valuable to sell and can actually make some money.

A perfect business plan in my opinion and the proof is in the numbers. The only thing that matters is that the customer is happy with their purchase and that the sellers are happy with their margin. A quick search online reveals that there are almost no complaints from buyers. There can only be one conclusion when you have all the facts. Every box is tracked from the moment is arrives in the US. A database links every box to the Distributor, then to the consumer.

Much of the premium content is authorized using the MAC and other data from buildprop. My guess is that is was done to prove that it can be done in order to keep control which means continued high profits. You have to ask yourself, aside from the potential legal aspects, has Streamsmart really done anything wrong? Hi Jay. Thanks for the well thought out comment. I appreciate the dialogue and unlike some of the other StreamSmart fans on here you actually make some good points.

Update January has been “under they wanted another dollars then for a new box set up with the new system. Yesterday my StreamSmart S4 box stopped communicating so I did a factory reset and downloaded the media Center (just like I've done in the. StreamSmart Pro User Guidline StreamSmart even updates your box periodically so you are always on the Cheat Sheets to get you set up and moving.

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