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CS:GO Prime Account Matchmaking: What Is It And How To Get It


Click here for our wiki! Brasil Game Cup Alienware Game Ares Easy 5. StarLadder Berl Community Suggestions. Discussion Cheaters now have easier access to Prime games.

You put trust on, you are going to have a bad time. Originally posted by Leonidas :. I am aware that i am being matched with the people at my level. I can easily distinguish a player with rage cheat, aim assist, trigger bot, wall or radar hacks. Most cheaters turn it on and off so their skill is inconsistent in many ways. There are several threads about cheats so i am not talking about how they do it or how many there are.


My question is; I still have no idea why my prime account is always getting matched with the cheaters while non-prime is always matching non-cheaters. Shouldn't it be the other way? Is my prime account somewhat trusted less than my secondary account? Sekkuar View Profile View Posts. Last edited by ExvsioN ; 12 Dec, pm. Ag1ad View Profile View Posts.

Biscuit View Profile View Posts. I find that the lower the rank, the less cheaters there are. My main is silver 3 and I have never seen a cheater even once, but in higher ranks like DMG or LEM there's a cheater in every other game. Fallen View Profile View Posts. I have a smurf to play with friends and get accused of cheating on daily bases.


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And remember: for vacnet to work at all players have to do overwatch cases. And who does overwatch cases? Right now, an influx in Prime MM will occur from the previous non prime, new accounts that are cheaters. There is no doubt about that.

Don't warn me again for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may. With CSGO going free, the time gate is now gone and Prime status is now purchaseable for what CSGO used to cost. Cheaters can now simply pay for a new. Our CS:GO how to get prime guide contains everything you need to know In theory, this rids matchmaking of bots, cheaters and the like.

But, any new player that wants to cheat will cheat in free CS. There is non need from them to purchase prime. They are almost playing in an entirely separate game.

Valve can get a lot of data for VACNET, increasing the amount of cheaters that will get banned across both non prime and prime, and removing the minority of cheaters in prime. They will then switch to free non prime CSGO.

It's not a flawless system by any means and it may not work out like I said, but in theory it could be great. Now if you want to leave a comp game because of cheaters or some other arbitrary reason you will get a 30 minute ban at a minimum. It depends, recently I made 10 wins strike and I have finally ranked up from lv 2 to 4 so I really can't complain now, but I know what you feel since I have over and was also stucked with lower ranks etc.

Not true, they bring out this battle royale for the casuals. They don't give a fuck about the matchmaking side of things.

I really don't know why you say that trustfactor update doesn't add anything. Because since the introduction of the Trustfactor I've had plenty of good games in matchmaking with nice people and almost no trolls. You can't say trust factor doesn't do shit. I've had a great experience with the game after it. People on this sub have no idea how effective trust factor actually is, which is why they hate on it. I bet the people who are hating on trust factor are the ones that are dicks in mm and wonder why they play against cheaters all the time.

I barely report anyone since the release of TF. I also have high trust factor but while it has reduced the number of cheaters somewhat, it is still not a very good experience on that front. I'm currently LEM but most of my friends are way lower rank, somewhere between gold nova and mg2. When we queue up as 5 people I always drop at least a 30 bomb because the players on the enemy team are way lower rank than me.

Meanwhile my teammates get way less kills than me since they're facing people that are higher rank than them. This makes me look like a cheater so there are a lot of people from the enemy team that report me.

Obviously I don't get banned since Overwatch sees that I'm legit but my trust factor gets affected badly.

For me trust factor system is very bad and I always play on prime instead. You cant disable trust factor. You are always playing with a bad trust factor, even if you are prime. Same thing with my friend. He was SMFC at his prime.

Now he only plays when queuing with my Gold Nova 4 ass and frequently 30 bombs. Guess who has shit trust factor? Ehh, I've noticed the quality of my games dropping hard since I've returned to the game recently. I also play with some friends who are now silver aswell they were nova before. For a good week I was pretty much 40 bombing every game because of valve's poor rank decay making it unfair for the other team. You can only imagine how often I got reported, thus hurting my trust factor.

Cs go prime matchmaking cheater

No one I play with or randomly queue with says they get a message but my games are now filled with poor quality players. I mean, this is really what Trust Factor is for. I have so much faith in that system, I haven't even seen a suspected cheater in literally months.

This update is really rough on people with a bad trust factor. I think I will complete my transition into learning and playing dota maybe now. I play MM with a group of friends depending on who's on, and I am 3ish ranks on average higher than them. So I usually perform a bit better on average and thus I am assuming get reported more. I went from no warning message, to a yellow message, to a red message over the course of a few weeks playing exclusively with them.

Anyway, i'm not asking for sympathy or anything or even really complaining, I can see why if I am reported more than my friends it would start to suspect me more. I am just saying it sucks for anyone else in the same boat because now I will be forced to play with people who's entire restriction to get in a game with me will be that they paid for a copy of CSGO. I will certainly give it a decent trial of games, but I have a feeling my quality of games is going to tank even worse than it has in the past weeks.

The tldr is essentially Valve has some sort of machine learning algorithm that estimates how much of a cheater you are, and then matchmaking will attempt to make you play against people who are similarly ranked on the cheater spectrum.

It's worse because trust factor is applied to both prime and non prime games. The only difference is in a prime game, you will be matched with 9 other people who also have prime.

Ok, I know this sounds counter intuitive, but listen for a second. If you want to know how it works you can view this video or a shorter and excellent summary from 3kliksphilip here. So we know vacnet is a neural network and neural networks need huge amount of data and get better the more data they have. So with cs:go going free to play there will be more cheaters, but only in the short run.

As soon as vacnet analyzes those demos and figures out how to detect the cheater they get banned and vacnet learns. In the long run vacnet will get so good, that it will be very hard to cheat in cs go and the amount of cheaters will decrease. I know this gets said often, but in the next weeks it would be even more beneficial to do some overwatch cases, so the neural network gets some human-proof sample size to compare to.

The point is you are making cheating that much easier and more attractive. Which will likely grow the cheating industry and incentivize development better paid AND free hacks.

Furthermore, how long will it take before we reach the long run point you are speaking of? Potentially never but let's say 4 years as a random number. The game's not going to be here forever and alienating new players who have to face smurfs, hackers and trolls on their new accounts will theoretically serve to hinder player base growth. VACNet can't ban cheaters that overwatch doesn't ban. The problem isn't that vacnet only detects blatant cheats, the problem is that overwatch only detects blatant cheats.

Vacnet doesn't ban anyone, overwatch does. And that's not going to change any time soon. Not to mention there's probably not enough new people doing Overwatch cases to match the increased rate of cheating that will follow this update.

Well I think valve really believes in the trust factor thing now. I must say that I haven't had any banned cheaters in mm after march so it seems to really work. Additionally the impression this game is going to make on new players is going to be horrible. Just imagine you're someone who always thought about getting into CS for example, but couldn't be bothered to actually buy the game. Next time you launch the steam market you see that it's free now and you'll give it a shot.

What will happen most likely? You will run into a lot of smurfs and a lot of cheaters, because you don't have prime yourself. Nobody would ever grind up to level 21 when the first impression of the game is going to be like this. Valve atleast should've removed the ability to achieve prime status by leveling up. Have it similar to Faceit. Either you pay and you have prime FaceIT premium or you don't pay and can play the game for free at a worse experience.

Prime accounts have always been available for sale, sometimes at costs cheaper than the retail price of the game itself. Prime never stopped cheaters. I have a prime smurf account with relatively bad trust factor where most of my games have blatant cheaters present.

In my last 40 matches on that account I encountered 23 cheaters who are now banned. I only ever queued with 2 to 4 friends which means the sample size of random players is very small per match.

Most of the bans were overwatch bans, not issued by VAC. Who knows how many people may have flown under the radar in those matches. Another thing to note is that non-prime matches on my high trust main account couldn't be cleaner. Cheaters have always been a problem and CSGO has always been super cheap.

I don't think making it free will change things a significant amount. Don't think there will be enough ppl doing OW cases to keep up with the new influx of cheaters.

In case a cheater is imposed a VAC ban and uses a Prime account, the cheater. If you ask why i have 2 accounts, well, obviously to escape cheaters as much as i can. As you know CS:GO introduced a "Prime Matchmaking. is the leading csgo site in the world, featuring news, demos, I have fought cheater very rarely on matchmaking after vacnet+prime.

It boggles my mind that they don't just play the normal game, get better naturally, and have fun. The lengths they go through to cheat. Valve might be lazy but they are certainly not stupid. They must trust vacnet enough to catch cheaters before they become a problem.

How To Get CS:GO Prime Account

Trust factor will do its job. Before you had to have some money to buy the game but now every 7 year old can get the game for free and start cheating. Got banned? Doesnt fucking matter because the game is free. Except people can get prime status by reaching level So there should be even more bots leveling up accounts now. Don't think you understand. You DONT have to level up now. You can just buy the account and instantly play prime.

So people who bought accounts to cheat can do it faster. AND now they have the option to do the old slow way for free. So basically its a win-win if you are a cheater.

Or you could just make an account and cheat for free in non prime games. Which is what will most likely happen. We still have trust factor and trust factor seems to work for many players. I haven't encountered a cheater in half a year or so.

I'm pretty sure this will kill the game for me. Same boat, I have had steam since day 1 public release. No bans. Low trust factor. Thanks valve. What's the issue one game and they'll be banned for hacking?

And they have to waste their time getting to 21 on a new account. I don't understand the issue. But won't they get caught and banned just as fast because people report them?

You make it sound like a cheater could cheat to get to prime in like 10 seconds. I hate to break it to you but people who cheat didn't rank their accounts to prime by playing the game. I don't think you'll notice that much more of a difference. Talking like there will be like 5 cheater in every game.

Even if they dont have to get level 10 for prime source? As long as people are spending money within the game valve doesn't care. It's sad man, they pretty much made cs:go so hacking friendly. I'm seeing many comments saying that F2P is going to increase the cheater count and while i can't argue that point, this is misleading, there will be more cheaters, yes, but they will mostly have a very low trust factor since they will be a free steam account and etcetera.

TL;DR: If you're complaining about cheaters and have seen many with trust factor, you probably have a very low one.

Ofcourse there will be more cheaters. On a serious note this is pretty fucking bad. I havent tested it but if they get instant access to prime mm then its rip. So life has been made easier for paying cheaters.

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