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'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Shay's Complete Dating History

Vanderpump Rules: Who Is Lala Dating? (Season 5, Episode 22) - Bravo

From season one, Sheana has always been the outsider, on the fringes of the "cool girl club" helmed by Stassi, Katie, and Kristen. First, they shunned her for having an affair with Eddie Cibrian, and since then they haven't wasted one opportunity to make her feel like she isn't a good enough friend to them. Is it envy? It is annoyance? What is it about Scheana that seems to make everyone have their own super hot take about her? You know those things are top of the line. Since her split from her husband, aspiring DJ Mike Shay, Scheana's love life has been almost as fascinating as watching her navigate the tricky social web of those who work at Sur, Pump, or TomTom.

You never really know who's with you because you have a camera in your face or who's with you because they like you in spite of it. Scheana only spoke about Rob the whole season he can hang a television in seven minutes, which, frankly, just seems structurally unsoundso it was a blow to her when he eventually dumped her immediately after the season ended.

Vanderpump Rules: Scheana Reveals Her New Boyfriend to Shay (Season 5, Episode 24) - Bravo

No one was surprised, but Scheana was too blinded by love to see it coming. Fast-forward to the beginning ofwhen Scheana posted some Instagram photos of herself and Robby Hayesthe former Bachelorette runner-up.

Of course, tongues started wagging thinking they were dating, but both maintained the two were "just friends. You may recognize Adam as "that guy Scheana tried to set Brittany Cartwright up with in Season 6," but now it's all-but-confirmed that Adam and Scheana are actually dating.

She pulled a fast one on us, guys!

The question is more whether they were ever together, we think. But this week, Scheana's getting her revenge. Realizing that this seemed to be a one-way rule, Scheana went on a dinner date with former flame Ethan Thompson and send videos of Ethan cooking her dinner to Stassi Schroder and Ariana Madix, who just happened to be with Adam at the time.

Vanderpump Rules start Scheana Shay dipped her toe into The Bachelor dating pool when she began dating Adam Spott, the roommate of. Following year-long rumors of Scheana and Adam being an item, 'Vanderpump Rules' fans want to know whether the couple is still or finally. Vanderpump Rules has been on television for so long that die-hard viewers have seen the cast members go through quite a bit of life.

I mean, that's enough to make a male model's head explode. Unfortunately, Scheana's plan doesn't work in her favor. Though Scheana has been trying all season to make her crush jealous, it's looking like not much can cause a rise in him.

Vanderpump rules star Scheana Shay is known for her turbulent love life. So inquiring minds are desperate to know: who is Scheana Shay. Keeping up with all the relationships on Vanderpump Rules is a full time job in and of itself, but star Scheana Marie's love life is the most. Scheana Shay has lived multiple lives on Vanderpump Rules she that Scheana slept with another guy who had asked her out on a date.

He might just not be all that into her! One time, she even dated Adam's former roommate, Bachelorette star Robby Hayes.

While Scheana Shay has stated on several occasions that she would accept a job passing out roses on The Bachelorette, the Vanderpump. Vanderpump Rules fans know full well that Scheana Marie loves a good relationship. Heck, she even loves a bad relationship! She loves a. A Shallow Dive Into Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Marie's Epic kind of, maybe dating a SUR bar back/model named Adam Spott and his.

So it seems clear that although these two admit to having hooked up in the past, they're nowhere close to committing to an exclusive relationship.

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